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Welcome to the home of Kettlebell Workouts. Here you can discover exactly how to use Kettlebells or Kettle Balls as they are often mistakenly called, to get the maximum amount of results whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert. This site is jam-packed full of information about Kettlebell Workouts for beginners to advanced athletes so get stuck in and enjoy.

Why Kettlebell Workouts are so Effective

Before You Start

Kettlebell Training is dynamic. It involves very different movements to other types of training like using Dumbbells. Due to the dynamic nature of Kettlebell Training you will find that Kettlebell Workouts are short and a lot more demanding.

If you have never trained with Kettlebells before than I suggest you get medical clearance first and then take it steady until you build up a solid foundation.

Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell Workouts for beginners should be built upon a solid foundation of 2 Exercises, the Swing and the Turkish Get Up. This doesn’t mean that every kettlebell workout should include these 2 exercises it just means that you should try to become proficient at these first.

Mastering both of these kettlebell exercises can take time but it is well worth the effort. Understand that getting good at both these movements will not only bombproof your body against injury but also generate some incredible results.

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In fact, studies show that the Kettlebell Swing is one of the most effective fat burning exercises that you can perform.

Once you have mastered these 2 foundational exercises then you can progress onto some of the more advanced kettlebell exercises that are built upon these movements. The Kettlebell Clean, Kettlebell High Pull and Kettlebell Snatch all have the same basic hip hinge movement that you mastered during the Swing. The Turkish Get Up will lead you safely into Pressing Movements and Core Exercises. Save the crazy kettlebell workouts for those who wish to show off and stick to the fundamentals that really make a difference.

Kettlebell Workouts

As I mentioned earlier, kettlebell workouts are very demanding. You can expect the whole kettlebell workout to be finished in under 20 minutes and often under 10 minutes.

Kettlebell Workouts do not separate parts of the body. There is no Kettlebell Chest Workout! Instead the workouts are more functionally designed meaning that the whole body is used for every single movement, just like in nature. This type of training has many advantages but most importantly each exercise uses hundreds of muscles rather than just a few. The more muscles you use the more oxygen you need and so the harder you have to work.

In other words you will get more done in less time!

When you begin your kettlebell workouts it is very important that you start off steady and with the correct exercises. Starting in this way and avoiding crazy kettlebell workouts will prevent you from getting injured but also ensure that you get the maximum amount of results for the minimum amount of time invested.

Once you are comfortable with the beginners workout and have mastered the basic exercises of the Kettlebell Swing and Turkish Get Up then you can move onto more advanced kettlebell workouts.

Kettlebell Workouts Swing

12 Week Workout Programs

Learning kettlebell exercises and practicing kettlebell workouts is great but in order to get some serious results you need a structured program. I recommend 12 weeks as the perfect time to plan ahead and give your workouts the structure they need.

Following a structured program will ensure that your kettlebell workouts evolve as you evolve and you will not hit any progress plateaus. Remember that the body adapts quickly and in order to keep the changes coming you will need to modify you workout logically.

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I just wanted to finish by saying that I’m here for you, not only as a guide while you begin or continue your kettlebell training but also as a friend.

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