300 Classic Kettlebell Challenge

300 Kettlebelll Challenge

300 Challenge Exercises

  • One Handed Swing
  • Snatch
  • Clean & Press
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Squat & Press

How to Perform the Kettlebell Workout

Run through this circuit performing 25 reps per side and changing hands as many times as you need to. For the Swing its 50 reps per side. Only move onto the next exercise when you have completed the required amount.

Total Reps: 300.

Under 15 minutes is excellent.

A Quick Video Showing All The Kettlebell Exercises

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Description from the Audio

Right, this is the 300 classic, one of my all-time favorites. One I think I’ve used with, so many different kettlebell classes and everybody always loves it and they get some time left [sounds like]. It’s called the 300 classic because you can do 300 repetitions with the kettlebell. There’s only five exercises. You’re going to do 100 with the first one. And then you do 50 with the remaining four exercises.

First exercise is the one-handed swing. You’ll do 50 swings on one side. Change hands. 50 swings on the other hand. Then we go straight to the snatch after that. From here, up and over top. Now this time you’re only doing 50 snatches. You’ll want to divide equally between the two different sides.

My advice would be to do 25 on this side, 25 on the other. Most people tend to do ten on one side and then they change. Do ten on the other, and change. You just keep going back and forth like that until they’ve completed the 50 repetitions in total.

Third exercise is the clean and press. Clean the kettlebell. Keep the elbow in nice and tight, wrists straight, push up. Keep this nice and tight. Keep your chest up, wrists straight. Pull the bell down under control and back to the floor. So you’re going to perform 25 on one side, 25 on the other. Again, you can also alternate if you get tired.

Next, we’ve got the reverse lunge. Same way goes back as the kettlebell. Left leg goes back to this place, and up. Knee just kisses the floor. So we’ll do 25 one side, 25 the other.

Final exercise, what really gets you the finish-up, is a squat and press. Sorry, just had a loaded knot. Sort of got something stuck in my throat anyway. Squat and press, sit down. Drive up with the momentum. Keep the wrists nice and straight, under control, and back down. Just a squat and press, or the thruster as sometimes called, 25 on each side.

So, five exercises. 100 of the first exercise, and then 50 of the remaining four exercises. Time yourself and see how quickly you get through the workout. If you can get it done in 15 minutes or less, you’re doing really, really well. There’s a good chance you need to move up to the next weight or kettlebell.

Enjoy that and enjoy the feeling you get after finishing the 300, first day.

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