5 Step Kettlebell Ladder

kettlebell workout 5 step ladder

Five Step Ladder Exercises

  • One Handed Swing
  • High Pulls
  • Snatch
  • Clean & Press
  • Double Lunge
  • Squat & Press
  • Windmill

How to Perform the Workout

This workout is a progressive ladder of 5 reps per side. Start by performing the first 3 exercises and then the Windmill. Rest 1 minute, then perform the first 4 exercises and the Windmill. Rest and 5 exercises. Rest and 6 exercises.

Always finish with the Windmill.


Description from Audio

Right, this is the five step ladder, and this is a quite nice little funky little workout I think you can enjoy. Works on your strength and endurance. To start, we need to perform three exercises back to back. Five repetitions of each exercise; so, you start with a one-handed swing. So you perform five of these. And we’ll do five on the other side. And we change sides again. We do five high pulls, like this. Five rep from each side; coming over nice and high. And then finally, change hands to do five squat snatches. Change hands, five on this side.

OK. Once you’ve completed those three exercises with five repetitions of each, you then go straight into the windmill. Push the bell up, make sure the toes are turned 45 degrees, and the weight is on the back leg. Keep this arm straight with the wrist also straight. And then this arm must come straight down over the knee, touch the mat and straighten up. Look at the bell at all times and that’ll kind of keep it in the right place.

So you do five repetitions of the windmill at the end. Now once you finish those four exercises, you then go back and repeat the circuit, but this time, you add an extra exercise between the windmill and the third exercise. So, we go back to do one-handed swings; we do high pulls; we do snatches, but then instead of going straight on to the windmill, then we do a clean and a press; five repetitions on each side. Clean it out to here; keep the wrist nice and straight; punch the fist up; keep the chest up; keep it cool, nice, and tight. And then pull the kettle-bell down under control, don’t let it fall.

So, that’s your fourth exercise, then you move onto the windmill. So once you’ve completed those five exercises, then we add in another exercise, and that is the double lunge. Double lunge goes like this. You step forwards, then step back. Step forwards, then step back. You’ll do five repetitions of each of those. One repetition counts as forwards and backwards, not just forwards; so, little bit tough there.

So, first in your circuit, you’d do the swings, your high pulls, your snatches, your clean and press, then you’ll move onto your double lunges, then you finish with the windmill. And then for your final circuit, we run through all those exercises again, but just at the end before the windmill, we throw in a squat-and-press. Just at the time you don’t want to. You sit back and drive up. Sit back, drive up from the floor. So that’s the squat- and-press. And as with all of these exercises, we do five repetitions on each side. And then for that final round, you finish with your windmill.

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