Kettlebell Halo

Kettlebell Halo

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The Kettlebell Halo is a great warm up exercise for the shoulder girdle. You can use the Halo as a simple warm up exercise before starting your Kettlebell Workout or as part of your workout as active recovery.

Teaching Points for the Kettlebell Halo

Keep the elbows tucked in and nice and close to the body all the way around the head. Also ensure that the Kettlebell stays as close to the base of the neck as possible. The closer you can keep the Kettlebell to your neck the more you will work on improving your shoulder mobility.

There are 2 different holding options for the Kettlebell Halo:

The first option is to hold the Kettlebell by the ball, or body of the Kettlebell (as in the video above) and then turn the kettlebell over at the back of the neck.

The second option is to hold the kettlebell upside down by the horns, the same holding position as used in a Goblet Squat. Again the Kettlebell should be turned 180 degrees at the back of the neck.

You can choose to either perform one direction for a set time or number of repetitions before changing direction, this creates a better flow, or change direction after every rep.

Example Workouts Using the Halo

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

  • Two Handed Squat – 10 reps
  • Halo – 10 reps
  • Two Handed Squat – 9 reps
  • Halo – 9 reps
  • Repeat down to 1 rep


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