Kettlebell Side Lunge

The Kettlebell Side Lunge will add an extra dimension to your training. Lunging laterally will place larger demands on your buttocks, quads and also your mobility.

The kettlebell is usually held in both hands and should be kept high on the chest under the chin in order to prevent putting a larger strain on the lower back. If the weight starts to drop down towards the midsection then you will feel your back extensors working very hard to keep your spine upright. The higher the kettlebell is kept on the chest the better.

The beginner just starting with the side lunge will want to practice the movement first before adding any further weight. Once you have a good grasp of the exercise and feel comfortable with it then start by adding weight slowly.

For the first few repetitions of the side lunge ensure that you do not go down too deep as this can result in groin strains for the novice side lunger. Once you have warmed up the movement pattern then attempt to drop a little deeper each time.

The deeper you can get with the side lunge the more emphasis you will place on the buttocks and also the thighs. Ensure to keep your weight back on your heels to maximize the buttocks muscle activation.

Keeping the chest up and back flat will ensure that you do not suffer any lower back fatigue or injury.

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