Why are Kettlebells so Effective?

Kettlebell Workout

I have seen faster overall results with Kettlebells than any other training tool. But it is important to note that Kettlebells are just a tool. Using them incorrectly and performing exercises with bad technique or becoming lazy with your workouts will almost certainly render them as useless as other badly used tools.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you workout with a Kettlebell you will get better results. Only working out with a Kettlebell correctly will produce some amazing results.

Kettlebells are highly effective for a number of reasons, namely:

  • Dynamic Nature and Neurologically Demanding
  • Challenges Stability and Core control
  • Seamless movement through workouts
  • Better Anatomical Alignment
  • Compound Exercises using hundreds of Muscles

The Dynamic nature of using a Kettlebell requires coordination, control and energy consumption. The ability to absorb the kettlebells weight and then change momentum in the opposite direction takes lots of energy and muscle activation.

Regular Dumbbells are held in the centre and so balanced, but kettlebells are different. The off centred handle provides a challenge for the shoulder stability as well as adaptations that must be made through the core musculature.

The real beauty of Kettlebells comes from when you are “in the flow”, moving from one exercise to the next without resting. Performing workouts like this are highly demanding and great for your cardiovascular health.

Having the kettlebell resting against the forearm puts your shoulder in a more friendly position. This correct alignment means you can train harder without jeopardising your shoulder health.

Finally, kettlebells use big compound movements smoking hundreds of muscles at a time. This has a better hormone response as well as energy consumption during and after exercise.


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