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Hello, I’m Greg

Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor and founder of Kettlebellsworkouts.com
Over 450,000 people have watched my videos and used my programs to improve the way they Look, Feel and Perform using kettlebells.

What’s the difference?

Lose fat, add muscle, improve your strength, mobility, energy and more
​I’m not a bodybuilder
​I’m not a bodybuilder, ​​a Drill Sargent or interested in getting super pumped or any of that other macho stuff.
natural movement patterns
All my training is based on natural movement patterns that target the whole body rather than just a few muscles at a time.
information & videos are free
The majority of my information and videos are free. I work hard to give you all the tools you need to exercise at home for free!

How it all began


Personal Training Clients with Kettlebells

Kettlebellsworkouts.com began while I was running my personal training company in London 10 years ago. I had managed to grow GB Personal Training to include 10 personal trainers operating all over London and helping everyone from athletes and actors to stay-at-home Mum’s and Dad’s.
We would help all our clients look, feel and perform better in the privacy of their own homes and discovered that using kettlebells was the perfect tool for this.

Group Kettlebell Classes

To make it more affordable for everybody we soon took kettlebell training into the group environment.
Our 30 minute kettlebell classes would not only hit every muscle in the body but emphasis was also placed on improving movement skills, cardio and increasing mobility.

Educating Personal Trainers

After teaching well over 1000 kettlebell classes and learning through trial and error I discovered how kettlebells should be used effectively.
Kettlebell Training started to become more popular in London but I noticed it being misused and being treated like a dumbbell rather than an exclusive dynamic training tool.
To help other Personal Trainers I offered mastermind groups and lectured at the personal training schools.

Educating Everyone Using Video

Both the kettlebell classes and one-on-one personal training sessions were seeing some superb results and with sessions only lasting 30 minutes it was perfect for busy Londoners.
But I wanted to help more people and realised that if I limited my knowledge to just my own personal clients I would never be able to help enough people.
So I started this website to share everything I’ve learnt about kettlebell training and how to get some truly extraordinary results in short amounts of time.

Why so effective?

The world is full of various workouts and exercises so you may be wondering why mine have been getting such good results compared to others, here’s why:
Exercises are focused on human movement patterns and not muscle groups so the exercises are safer, more natural and improve daily movement skills.
I use mostly full body exercises that hit over 600 muscles per movement so I get a much bigger impact with less exposure.
Workouts are kept short, under 20 minutes and often less than 10 minutes. Shorter workouts put less strain on the hormonal system enabling you to exercise more frequently without getting injured.
Programs are designed with logical progressions so as you improve so the workouts change.

What People Say

Hear how our kettlebell workouts are changing lives.


I just downloaded your ten best kettlebells routines and in the five years that I’ve been looking for different routines yours are by far the BEST I’ve come across.

Mark Colton

I’d just like to express my gratitude for the fact that your newsletter is not like most of the other fitness professionals I used to subscribe to. In my opinion, those guys usually sell quick fixes and send out spam with the goal of making a quick buck of selling supplements or hide their information behind some click tracking. Yours is consistently full of actual, useful advice right there in the mail.​

Henrik Horneber

I’ve subscribed to your workouts as I met somebody whilst walking the dog this morning who has lost 2 .5 stone (35lbs) doing your workouts 3x per week since January.​

Lisa Currie

I very much appreciate your generosity with your expertise and time, as the content is more valuable than many paid online programs and publications (which, of course, means your paid programs are stuffed with value per dollar!)

Lethe Loupe

Your Workouts are awesome and the different routines keep me motivated…still getting used to only working out 10 or 12 minutes, but my heart rate monitor shows me that its enough….and it sure feels like more than enough when I am done.

Dane Brown

I just want to tell you that I think you are the greatest! You send us free stuff that is so informative and detailed and up to date. I have been unsubscribing to so many people I follow because they just really want to sell me products – you are NEVER like that – you seem to just want to share your knowledge with us.

Helane Hurwith

Plain and simple…My body has changed, and the workouts are so efficient. I workout half the time I used to.

Jeannie Atkinson

I have gone from wearing a 40 waist trouser to wearing a 34! I have never been so muscular. I have lost 18lb in the process

Dan Smith

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