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5 Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners and 4 Beginner Kettlebell Workouts

By Greg Brookes
5 Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners and 4 Beginner Kettlebell Workouts

If you are new to kettlebell training or only have limited experience then this is the article for you. Below I’ve listed 5 simple kettlebell exercises for beginners that you should learn before any others.

Just mastering these 5 exercises will ensure the rest of your kettlebell training slots beautifully into place.

Below I’ve also included 4 x kettlebell workouts for beginners that you can use to practice the exercises.

Confused about what size weight to use?
View the best kettlebell starting weights

OK, let’s get started…

1. Kettlebell Slingshot

beginners kettlebell slingshot exercise

Our first beginners kettlebell exercise on the list is the kettlebell slingshot. The slingshot is a basic kettlebell exercise that involves passing the kettlebell around the body from one hand to the other.

The slingshot is a great starter exercise because it helps you to acclimatise to the kettlebell weight as well as working the shoulders, core, and grip.

Keep the head and hips nice and still as you pass the kettlebell around the body

Later on in your training you will use the kettlebell slingshot as an exercise to catch your breath between other exercises or as a warm up before your main workout.

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Watch a video of the kettlebell slingshot below:

Practice: 10 repetitions one way and then change direction and 10 repetitions the other way. Work up to 20 reps in each direction.

2. Kettlebell Halo

kettlebell halo exercise for beginners

The kettlebell halo is the kettlebell exercise for beginners you should know. The exercise involves taking the kettlebell around the head closely following the perimeter of the neck.

The kettlebell, during this exercise, should be kept nice and close to the neck and taken around the head in a nice rhythmical motion.

The kettlebell halo works deep into the shoulders and the whole of the upper body.

Again, like the slingshot exercise, the halo will be used later in your training both as a warm up exercise but also as an active recovery exercise in between other exercises.

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Watch a video of the kettlebell halo below:

Practice: start with 5 in one direction and then change and 5 in the other direction. Work up to 10 alternating repetitions in each direction.

3. Kettlebell Good Morning

Kettlebell Good Morning Exercise

A slightly more tricky kettlebell exercise for beginners next. The kettlebell good morning is not too demanding but it does require good body mechanics.

With the kettlebell held behind you with two hands against the mid back the body hinges forwards at the hips keeping the lower back flat.

The kettlebell good morning teaches you to hinge at the hips without arching the lower back and at the same time mobilising the hamstrings and hips.

As you hinge forwards you take a nice breath OUT and then as you return to the upright position you breathe in again.

Like the slingshot and halo, the good morning will later be used as more of a warm up based exercise or as a filler exercise in between others while you rest.

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Watch a video of the kettlebell good morning below:

Practice: start with 5 repetitions, practicing your breathing and keep your back flat. Work up to 10 smooth reps.

4. Kettlebell Single Arm Deadlift

Kettlebell Single Arm Deadlift for beginners

Probably the most important kettlebell exercise for beginners is the single arm deadlift.

For this kettlebell exercise the weight is picked up off the floor using the hip hinge movement pattern. The back is kept beautifully flat as the legs, and buttocks do all the heavy lifting.

The kettlebell single arm deadlift is a full body exercise that uses most muscles in the body but more importantly coaches the hip hinge movement used later for the kettlebell swing.

Keeping your weight on the back half of your feet and not wearing shoes with raised heels will help dramatically with the movement and muscle activation.

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Watch a video of the kettlebell single arm deadlift below:

Practice: start with 5 repetitions on each side moving slowly and deliberately. Work up to 15 beautiful reps on each side.

5. Kettlebell Goblet Squats

Kettlebell Goblet Squat Exercise

Finally we move onto the all-important beginners kettlebell exercise, the goblet squat which involves squatting nice and deep while holding a kettlebell at chest height.

The squat is very important movement pattern for daily life and uses most muscles in the body, in particular your buttocks and legs.

It is important during the squat that you go down deep enough so that your thighs are parallel with the floor. If your squat is too shallow then you will not activate your buttocks and will over develop the thighs.

If you find deep squats demanding then you should practice without the kettlebell first.

A good squat without a kettlebell is worth a lot more than a badly performed squat holding one.

You can hold onto a pole, TRX, or resistance band attached in front of you to help strengthen the movement pattern before adding a kettlebell.

Just like the deadlift above, keeping your weight on the back half of your feet and keeping your chest up will help dramatically.

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Watch a video of the kettlebell goblet squat below:

Practice: work on getting your squats nice and deep first before adding a kettlebell. Work up to 20 total reps holding a kettlebell.

52 Kettlebell Exercises Download PDF

4 Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

Now we have listed the 5 basic kettlebell exercises for beginners lets put them together into a few 4 minute workouts.

There are 4 beginner workouts listed below each lasting only 4 minutes.

At first just follow along with each workout for the 4 minutes.

Once you have mastered the workout rest for 30 – 60 seconds and repeat it for a total of 3 times.

Once you can perform workout 1 for a total of 3 circuits then move on to workout 2 and so.

Do not progress onto the next workout until you can perform 3 circuits.

Woman should start with an 8kg (18lbs) or 12kg (25lbs) size kettlebell.

Men should start with a 12kg (25lbs) or 16kg (35lbs) size kettlebell.

Perform a workout 3 – 5 times per week.

Beginner Kettlebell Workout 1

  • Slingshot – clockwise x 20 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – left x 15 reps
  • Slingshot – anti-clockwise x 20 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – right x 15 reps
  • Slingshot – clockwise x 20 reps
  • Halo – alternating directions x 10 reps
  • Slingshot – anti-clockwise x 20 reps
  • Bodyweight Squats x 10 reps

Watch the follow along 4 minute easy kettlebell workout 1:

Beginner Kettlebell Workout 2

  • Slingshot – clockwise x 20 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – Left x 15 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – Right x 15 reps
  • Halo – clockwise x 10 reps
  • Slingshot – anti-clockwise x 20 reps
  • Halo – anti-clockwise x 10 reps
  • Bodyweight Squats x 20 reps

Watch the follow along 4 minute simple kettlebell workout 2:

Beginner Kettlebell Workout 3

  • Slingshot – clockwise x 20 reps
  • Slingshot – anti-clockwise x 20 reps
  • Halo – clockwise x 10 reps
  • Halo – anti-clockwise x 10 reps
  • Good Morning – 8 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – Left x 15 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – Right x 15 reps
  • Bodyweight Squats x 10 reps

Watch the follow along 4 minute basic kettlebell workout 3:

Beginner Kettlebell Workout 4

  • Slingshot – clockwise x 20 reps
  • Goblet Squat – 10 reps
  • Slingshot – anti-clockwise x 20 reps
  • Goblet Squat – 10 reps
  • Halo – clockwise x 10 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – left x 15 reps
  • Halo – anti-clockwise x 10 reps
  • Single Arm Deadlift – right x 15 reps

Watch the follow along 4 minute fun kettlebell workout 4:


Kettlebell training can be confusing and is very different from other types of resistance based training.

Making sure that you begin with the correct exercises to build a solid foundation for future exercises is very important.

Above I’ve highlighted 5 basic kettlebell exercises that every beginner should start with and then 4 kettlebell circuits that you can use to practice them.

Become masterful at these 5 kettlebell exercises for beginners and the 4 basic kettlebell workouts.

Not only are these workouts great building blocks for the future but they are also highly effective in and of themselves.

Enjoy your kettlebell training.

52 Kettlebell Exercises Download PDF


What weight kettlebell should a beginner use?

Starting out most men will use either a 12kg (25lbs) or 16kg (35lbs) and women will use either an 8kg (17lbs) or 12kg. Technique is very important so don’t overdo it.

Are kettlebells good for beginners?

Beginners can perform full body exercises that feel very natural and can activate 100’s of muscles per movement. Beginners should start by learning the simple hip hinge.

How many kettlebell swings should a beginner do?

Beginners should start with 10 kettlebell swings using two hands and one kettlebell. Swing the 10 reps with excellent form, take a rest and repeat up to 10 times.

Mastered these 5 exercises? See the 5 Intermediate Kettlebell Exercises here

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    1. Ernesto Avatar

      Dear Greg,

      Absolutely invaluable training video here. And for free to boot! Thank you! I was sloppily swinging a 45lb kettlebell until I found you. Deloaded to a 20lb kettlebell and followed your beginners workout 1 to 4 with 2 minutes rest between videos and I was done! However, applying the knowledge that you share on how to use proper form to lift and swing the kettlebell, I noticed less fatigue and pain on my lower back. Something that I was struggling with even at the 20lb kettlebell. Thanks!

    2. Rita Avatar

      I was looking for a Tabata workout and fluked onto your kettle bell site. I have seen kettlebells being promoted on TV shows and to be honest thought they were another exercise fad. My mind has been changed thanks to your website. I really respect and appreciate your approach of slow and control. You seem to have answered and explained every question I might have. I am excited about adding a kettlebell into my fitness routine. I have been recovering from a meniscus tear and ACL scarring = weight gain. Thanks again for the best information on kettlebell fitness

    3. Mazhar Avatar

      Very helpful and informative, These are good exercises to start. Hopefully, in future I will be able to benefit from the advance exercises.

    4. Mazhar Avatar

      Very helpful and informative, Thank you.


      that was wonderful demonstration.illustrated in a way everyone can understand.i intend to start keeping in mind yr demo.thanks a lot.Pl.keep up the good work.

    6. Eveline Armstrong Avatar
      Eveline Armstrong

      Great demonstration. Explains each exercise well. I have kettlebells but they are 5, 10, 15 weights. Which should I use as I am 69 trying to loose weight, haven’t exercise before? I do have bone on bone kneed and a bad back.
      Thanks for your help.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        If you have back issues Eveline, then I recommend you find someone who can help you one-on-one.

    7. steven Avatar

      hi greg i’ve been using a weight vest what are the best kettle bells exercises to feel the benefit many thanks

    8. Jasmin Boudreau Avatar
      Jasmin Boudreau

      The biggest I have right now is a 15 lb kettlebell, is that good enough for me being a beginner ? (At least for a little while?) Or should I go buy a 20 or 25 lb one?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Anything is enough to get started Jasmin but you will be needing a 25lb kettlebell soon 🙂

    9. Wayne MacEachern Avatar
      Wayne MacEachern

      Hi Greg, I want to start your beginner Kettlebell Circuit. However at this time I can not complete the Slingshot as I cannot reach behind my back enough to grasp the weight to make the full rotation. Is there something you can recommend to do instead of those to keep the circuit complete until I reach the stage I can reach behind me?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        There is no real substitute Wayne, I’d work on your shoulder mobility and just miss out the slingshot exercise.

      2. Jena Avatar


        I’ve been looking for the best version of a workout program. Im wondering if you have anything for pregnancy/after pregnancy workouts with kettle bells to follow?

    10. Arlene Deborah Avatar
      Arlene Deborah

      I want to use the kettlebell to firm up and loose weight – cannot wait to receive the workouts

    11. Thembi Avatar

      Hi, Greg

      I don’t want to loose weight, I want to be fit and have good shaped body will kettlebell do it for me,

    12. Lilian Queiroz Avatar
      Lilian Queiroz

      Hi Greg!
      First of all, I would like to thank you for doing an amazing job. Your explanations are very clear and your videos are awesome.
      I only have one question:
      How long should we follow this routine before we jump to the next one? Or it depends on how well do we adapt to them or as you say, master them?

      Thank you in advance.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes Lilian, once you can perform the workout for 3 circuits with only 60 seconds rest in between you can move on to the next workout.

    13. Ramiah Thevar Avatar
      Ramiah Thevar

      Hi Greg,
      I have a slip disc a year back and now I am trying to get back in shape.May I please know which kettlebell exercise is safe for me to do and which to avoid? I want to do the 4min tabata to lose weight as well.Thank you.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hello Ramiah, if you have had a slipped disc then I recommend that you seek out someone who can monitor you as you exercise one-on-one because many exercises will aggravate your back if performed incorrectly especially the kettlebell swing.

    14. Nina Avatar

      Hi greg

      Fractured my metatarsal in August and am 90% recovered. I’m hoping to pick up the kettlebells. Any recommendation for kettlebell exercises for limited mobility?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Sorry to hear about your foot Nina, you can try some of these floor based exercises and you can also use the kneeing overhead press with a cushion underneath your shins to protect your feet.

    15. Guido Avatar

      Thank you so much for all of the info that you provide! I’m a 40 year old male that has zero experience in weights (cardio only), and I just purchased a 35 lb kettlebell as I would like to build muscle/tone and continue to lose weight. I think that it is probably too much as I can only lift it above my head about 3 times and that is very difficult and I can only do the halo a couple of times as well. Would you recommend that I start with a 25lb or should I go less? Any input would be most helpful. Thanks again!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes Guido, the 35lb will be good for the single arm deadlift but you will need a 25lb for the halos and probably goblet squats. Best of luck

    16. Mary Avatar

      Hi Greg
      Just bought some kettle bells.
      Was thinking for Cardio I should really start running for weight loss..but I hate running and don’t like treadmill! Also bought a step, will this be enough for cardio? Have a supply of weights and bands at home too!!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes Mary, you can get your cardio from the kettlebell circuits. Try the ones on this page, 3 circuits with a 60 second rest in between each circuit is your goal.

    17. Roberta Marks Avatar

      how heavy should the kettlebell be for beginners?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hello Roberta, For women usually 8kg or 12kg, you can see my buying and choosing kettlebells page for more details

    18. Namrata Avatar

      Hi! Greg,

      Read good things about the KB exercises suggested by you that
      I intend to start KB begginers exercises circuit 1. Please clarify the following –

      A. Is this circuit a full body workout? Does it hit all the major muscles (upper and lower)

      B. KB excercises are considered as cardio or strength training exercises?

      C. Once I finish 3 repitions of circuit 1, can I do 15 minutes of cardio (treadmill, stationery bike or elliptical) if KB exercises are considered as strength training exercises.

      D. Cardio should be done before doing the circuit or after.

      E. If KB excercises are considered cardio, how much calories are burned if one does 3 repitions of circuit 1.

      I am a 47 year old female, looking at burning fat and getting toned. I am regular to the gym and on alternate days do strength training ( work on 2 muscles/session) and cardio.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hello Namrata, I’ve answered your questions below:

        A. Yes
        B. Most kettlebell circuits are a combination of strength endurance
        C. Yes but you will have been working your cardio hard already so it is not necessary
        D. Afterwards
        E. This varies from one person to the next based on intensity

        Enjoy the workouts.

      2. Namrata Avatar

        Thank you, Greg.
        I have started circuit 1, 3 times a week and I am enjoying! I hope to progress to circuit 2 in a couple of weeks time.

        I will follow your instructions religiously and get back to you as and when I achieve my target.

        Good luck to me 🙂


    19. marty sparks Avatar

      Hi Greg
      I’m a nearly 63 year old woman and have been running (including marathons) for 6 years. I know as you age it’s really important to work on body strength but I hated going to the gym. I started this week doing your beginner exercises with a 4kg kettlebell – I don’t want to risk injuries at this early stage – and I do 16 mins a day at home and I’m loving it. Maybe 16 mins is not enough though and with that I’ll stop procrastinating and do my routine.
      Marty from Mons in Belgium

    20. Mike Avatar

      A friend told my about your kettle-bell training exercises program. I’m a beginners user of your kettle-bell training exercises program and I’m love it.


    21. Jessica Avatar

      Hi Greg! Thank you for share it!!!! I´m from Costa Rica. I’m starting to work out and I have to do it at home because of my job and kids. Your guide has been very helpful for this beginning. I have lost 10 kg in 3 months.

    22. Deb Avatar

      Thanks enormously for making these videos available. I have recently commenced on a quest to lose weight and get fit. I started following your videos in earnest this week. I’m using the 8kg kettlebell (struggled a little at first but persisted) and am managing three sets of the exercises well. Have lost 7kg in three weeks – pretty chuffed. Walking the dogs nearly every day (which they love) and not making excuses for bad weather, having bought them and myself raincoats! 🙂
      I didn’t think I would ever say I enjoyed exercise for exercise sake, but have a sneaking suspicion I am beginning to.
      Honestly can’t thank you enough.
      Warm regards from Australia.

    23. Miss-T Avatar

      Hi Greg, I’ve already lost 6 stone and along my journey I have added various exercises to my routine, it’s only recently I found kettlebells and feel confident enough to start and lose the remaining 4 stone I need to thanks to your website and all the exercises, I know that I can follow the plans safely now I have your excellent tutorials to follow, thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to helping people.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Congratulations on your successful fat loss, keep me updated on your future results and let me know if you ever need anything.

      2. Deb Avatar

        Congratulations Miss-T on such terrific weight loss. Whilst it’s difficult to be motivated to start, it’s much harder to persist … and you obviously have. I sincerely hope you reach your goals. Be proud!!!

    24. Jason Avatar

      Greg, this is awesome. I’ve just picked up my first kettlebell at the gym today and worked through three circuits of workout one with a 12kg kb.

      Pleasingly I found that it wasn’t overly challenging so it is great to start building confidence with the kettlebells. It’s so much nicer than using a barbell that I can hardly describe it!

      Heart rate was up and stayed up so this is a definite winner for me. On to workout two.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Brilliant, well done Jason, keep up the good work!

    25. Tony Avatar

      Hi Greg,

      I’m a beginner & a bit confused which exercise set to follow, the 5 exercises & workouts listed above or the ones int the 10 Best Kettlebell Workouts in the download?
      Would really appreciate it if you could let me know.


      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Start with these 5 Tony and then progress to the 10 Best Kettlebell Workouts Download.

    26. Allison Sutherland Avatar
      Allison Sutherland

      Hi Greg. I am a 49 year female & very physicaly fit but lack some upper body strength. So I invested in some kettlebells & I am LOVING your website & e-mails

    27. Fuad Efendi Avatar
      Fuad Efendi

      In “Good Morning” exercise, you write “As you hinge forwards you take a nice breath OUT and then as you return to the upright position you breathe in again.” I think it is mistake. When we do powerful “push” such as kettlebell swing out (from the bottom position), or squat stand-up (from the bottom position), we need to exhale, powerfully, even involving some voice (to increase pressure in lungs & to involve ABS and all core muscles). And when we do less-powerful opposite (such as hinge forward, or swing down, or squat down) we should do more relaxed inhale.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hello Fuad, the load that you are using affects how you should breath during an exercise because the diaphragm can also act as a stabiliser. I’ve written more about breathing during exercise here

    28. Fuad Efendi Avatar

      Hi Greg,

      These are amazing for beginners and not only: as a great warm-up.

      My only concern is “rest for 30 – 60 seconds”. I think it cannot be strict rule. So, here what I do now, I started 2 months ago:

      0) 17 minutes (2.5km) warm-up slow-run (jogging)

      1) Workout 1, 3 sets
      – 3 minutes resting between sets (started with 4 minutes rest)
      – I started with 12kg and now with 16kg
      – I started with body-weight squats and now with 8kg squats
      – I can increase weight to 20kg but I feel Halo would be hard; and I do Halo 10+10 now (started with 1+1 10 times)

      And it is only warm-up!!! 3 minutes rest between sets (started with 4); I can increase to 2 minutes, but now more. I feel muscles got hit on 2nd and 3rd day (especially legs).

      2) after 5-6 minutes rest, I do *perfect* swings with 20kg, 5 sets of 10-12, with 2 minutes rest.

      So, now, the question is: of course I can decrease weight and decrease interval between sets… but then it will look like cardio. I can just run with no weight, and zero-weight kettlebell. Same as swing with zero weight and 2000 reps indeed, what is the benefit then?

      Note Workout 1 is just warm-up to me, and and I cannot move to higher weight because of arms (Halo). And my breathing becomes so rapid at set 2 and 3 that I do 2-breath-in-out for 1 squat, so that it is hard enough workout for me, and I need 3 (al least 2) minutes rest between workouts. I am 53.


    29. Adrin Avatar

      Hi.Love your suggestions.I am from Puerto Rico a Caribbean island.I had been doing k/b on my own cause I don’t know nobody who give training here..As a fact I am the only one in my gym who use the K/b. I swing with a 20 pounds k/ b and sometimes with a 35 pounds.I do a routine of 1 hour once a week. All my routines are from Instagram and now you.I am a 61 years vegan lady who fall in love with the k/b.My goal? Do the Turkish movement from the floor and up.Since 2 years I have been doing k/b I still afraid of doing it without making the ridiculous.Thanks for your post.

    30. Nigel. Stutt Avatar
      Nigel. Stutt

      Great exercises I’ve just started using kellbells after many years without going to a gym, and these are very good for getting me back into the swing of things – I only have a 10kg weight but its proved a good starting point as I am 52 but I am already varying the beginner exercises with others to spice things up a bit – moving onto a 16kg soon. I really like the kettlebell its very suitable for exercise at home and these are very easy to fit into a busy life.

    31. vanessa Avatar

      I am 66 now; I have a 20#, 25# and a 35# kettlebell set. I have tried to do too much with them, and I quit until now. Awhile back I bought a 10#..and that’s what I will start with, with the 5 exercise set to hopefully re-build my skills. I have NO access to a local trainer in this area, so I am on my own to re-learn what I did know, to resume using kettlebells. I’m 30-35 pounds overweight, I am active, swim daily at a local pool, during adult swim time. And I walk a lot. I just want to get in better shape for daily living. And, now and then, I do charity 5Ks.

    32. Terry Chester Avatar
      Terry Chester

      Thanks for the workouts. I have been looking for lightweight exercises to start with since i had major abdominal usrgeries several years ago. This will work great buidling my core back.

    33. Becci Mohl Avatar
      Becci Mohl

      Hi Greg,
      I would like to start getting fit again, but I can not do squats because I have bad knees(misplaced knee caps). Do you know of any exercises that I can do in place of squats?
      Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge,

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes Becci, the kettlebell swing will be a good start as there is less of a knee bend than the squat. You can find out more about exercises for those with bad knees here

      2. Alisha Avatar

        So glad to see this question and the follow up answer. I too have bad knees and am a beginner to k/b. So excited to get started!

    34. Arunava Sircar Avatar
      Arunava Sircar

      I have started with Kettlebells and am currently on the 2nd circuit. I had a question, I can see that in the 1st circuit there are 10 bodyweight squats and in the 2nd there are 20 which is a good progression but the 3rd has again 10 bodyweight squats while the 4th has 20 goblet squats. Was just wondering if the 3rd should have 10 goblet squats as that sounds a better progression.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Arunava, I’m pleased to hear you are enjoying the 4 minute circuits, yes the progression is correct due to the active recovery in between the 10 goblet squats.

    35. jo Avatar

      Ive just bought a 6kg kettlebell and am not sure if its too heavy as I am new to ketlebell workouts. Would a 4kg be too light ?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Jo, I’d usually recommend an 8kg kettlebell due to the full body exercises you will be performing but a 6kg will be a good start.

    36. Kathy Avatar

      Hi, Greg
      I’m excited to begin but nervous about the Goblet Squats. I had my left knee replaced last September and can bend it but I’m not sure about doing squats. Suggestions?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        I completely understand Kathy, you will want to start without the kettlebell for the squats. I’ve written more on fixing bad knees here.

        1. Julie shaw Avatar
          Julie shaw

          Kathy, I have had both knees replaced and I’m ok doing squats. They may not be as deep as I would like but it’s better than not squatting……
          Just make sure to keep your weight back on your heels and your not pushing your knees in front of your toes, only go as deep as you feel comfortable until you build your confidence up, your replaced knee is probably stronger than it was before your operation
          Good luck and let us know how your getting on

    37. Tamiko Avatar

      Currently I have a 5lb, 10lb, 15lb kb should I do these exercises with the 15lb kb?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes Tamiko the 15lb kettlebell would be a good start. I’ve got more on the correct size kettlebells to use here.

    38. Laura Avatar

      Hi Greg…great site, cant wait to get started…. just want to clarify something first. On day one I am to do circuit 1, 3 times yes? (Ie for a total of 12mins, not including any rest period) ….if I can do that then I move straight on to circuit 2, 3, 4 etc….. So theoretically the workouts will total 48mins (minus rest periods)… Ie 12mins per round (4mins per circuit x 3reps) x 4 circuits = 48mins, yes? thank you!!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Almost Laura, when you can complete circuit 1, 3 times move on to circuit 2 on the NEXT day. So no more than 12 minutes per day.

        Enjoy the workouts.

    39. Mike Easton Avatar
      Mike Easton

      Year past surgery (aortic aneurysm), 72 male….new to kettleball. Just now achieving 10 push ups in the morning, and 10-15,000 steps per day. I think kettleball will suit me perfectly. Should I start with 12 kg and same routine as provided here?


      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Mike, yes these 5 exercises are a good place to begin. Take it steady and see how you get on.
        The 12kg will be easier for some exercises, deadlift, and more difficult for others, the halo. Enjoy!

    40. Zark Avatar

      Hey, this is amazing thank you for this.
      I just have one question as I am very new to reps and circuits.
      Do I do 3 circuits of each Workout per day? 3-5 days a week

      I want to do mon-Friday (so 5 Days workouts)
      So that would be 3 reps each workout 1-4 per day?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes Zark you would repeat each circuit up to 3 times. When you can comfortably complete the circuit 3 times you can then move on to the next workout.

        Everyone responds to exercise differently so you can try 5 times per week and see how you feel. Take an extra day off if you need too.

        Best of luck.