Discover the 6 Essential Movement Patterns Your Must Use When Exercising

Course Transcription: 6 Essential Movement Patterns

So, pretty much all movement can be broken down into six different categories, and training with kettlebells is exactly the same. We’ve got six categories, and all of the kettlebell exercises will fit into these categories.

Now, assuring that when you exercise you incorporate all these different categories, make sure that you hit every muscle in your body, you’re training naturally, and you’re going to get the most amount of results in the shortest amount of time. So let’s run through these six categories so you better understand how the workouts are going to be put together.

So, the first category is the dead lift pattern, and that is a very much hip based category or movement. It’s predominantly based around picking things up off the floor. We’re using the glute muscles, so the buttocks. We’ll use the hamstrings. We certainly use the core muscles, as well. So, this is a hip hinge movement, and that’s the dead lift category.

The second category is the squat category. Now, this is used when we sit down into chairs, on the toilet and so on. Squat category, we sit back onto the heel as we sit the bum downwards, rather than backwards like we do in the dead lift, so sitting downwards.

The third category is the lunge, and this is more of a single leg based exercise. So we’re stepping forwards. We’re splitting the legs apart. This, again, works into the legs, strongly into the buttocks, into the core muscles, as well.

The fourth category is a push, so we can either push forwards or we can push upwards. So anytime we’re pressing a kettlebell overheard, it’s a pushing exercise.

And then we have a pulling exercise, which incorporates pulling the kettlebells in towards us. So, we’ve got a push. We’ve got a pull.

And then, the final category, the sixth category is the core based exercises. Now there’s only one really important one in kettlebell training, and that is the Turkish get up, and what that does, it makes sure we incorporate the whole body, including the core muscles, together in order to get from the ground up to standing, and then from standing back towards the ground. So, provided we can get good at this Turkish get up exercise, we’re going to be using the core extensively and integrating all of the muscles together.

So those are the six categories. Start to understand the six categories so that when we start putting our workouts together you know that you need to include things like the hip hinge dead lift movement, the squat, the lunge, some kind of push, some kind of pull, and some kind of core exercise, like the Turkish get up.

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