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No time, Confused, No Problem!

Do you find that time runs away with you? We all live such busy lives and have the best intensions but when it comes to exercise we never seem to have enough time!

Time is our most valuable commodity. Together with working a job, dealing with our kids, preparing meals, and all our other daily chores, you are exhausted. Who really has time for a 1 hour workout?

Then when you decide "no, I've really got to do more exercise" because your favourite clothes don't fit and you're worried about your heart, what do you do?

Where do you even start? You want to tone up and lose the weight but your knees hurt and you don't want to get injured...again!

And "what about my cardio" you think? You know that weight training can help you firm up but do you then need to spend 60 minutes running or doing some other kind of cardio.

I know all these problems intimately because as a personal trainer I help people every day realise that there is another way.

You see most conventional weight training workouts focus on body parts, maybe you start with the chest and then the front of the arms, then there's the back, upper and lower, then the back of the arms, then the abs, oh and then the legs, if you have enough time left.

 Or maybe you split your workouts up so it's back and biceps on a Monday and then chest and triceps on a Tuesday, maybe legs on a Wednesday etc.

The problem with training body parts is that we just don't have enough time for that, unless we are professional bodybuilders.

A modern and more effective way to exercise is to use movement patterns. 

Movement patterns use only a handful of movements that copy the way we get around in daily life. 

They use hundreds of muscles at a time meaning you can workout your entire body and over 600 muscles in a very short amount of time.

Plus when you use movement pattern training your heart and lungs have to work very hard too, meaning that you can combine both strength and cardio in just one workout.

Using a kettlebell and movement pattern training means that you can activate hundreds of muscles, challenge your cardio and flow from one exercise to the next in only a few minutes.

I want to show you how I train my clients. How we workout together in only 4 minutes.

How you can change your body, free up your joints from aches and pains, and do it in a safe and progressive way no matter what your level.


Introducing the Beginners Kettlebell Training Package


I've put together 21 of my favourite 4 minute kettlebell circuits that progress from complete beginner (having never even picked up a kettlebell) to an intermediate level kettlebell exerciser. Follow along with me as I take you 'by the hand' through each circuit in real time. It's fun, motivational, and very effective.

Let's get started today


What you with Achieve from these Workouts

There are 21 kettlebell circuits included within this program, each one gets progressively more challenging. The circuits last 4 minutes and will work your total body including your heart and lungs so there is no need for any additional cardio. Need more? Perform a circuit more than once!

Work 600 muscles in 4 minutes. Everything from your chest, back, arms, abs, butt and legs.

Each workout builds on the one before it so you can progress at your own pace, when YOU are ready.

Quick circuits you will complete in just 4 minutes a day. Short workouts increase motivation and develop successful habits.

No back-breaking old fashioned core exercises. Reduce your waistline with safer full body exercises that increase your daily fat burning metabolism.

Plain and simple...My body is more feminine, and the workouts are so efficient , I workout half the time I used to.

Jeannie Atkinson

Here's a Breakdown of the Workouts

Let me show you how the workouts progress and the type of exercises you will be performing.


Workouts 1 - 5: Movement Basics

Within the first 5 workouts we will concentrate on 3 main things: Getting used to using a kettlebell that flows from one exercise to the next, mobilising tight and unfamiliar joints and movement patterns, and finally strengthening the big fat burning muscles of the hips, legs and buttocks.


Workouts 6 - 10: Core, Abs and Balance

The next 5 workouts begin to challenge your movement skills a little more than the first 5 workouts. Your balance will be challenged with some single leg exercises that intensify the muscle activation of your lower body. We also introduce some core specific exercises like nothing you've seen before.


Workouts 11 - 15: Cardio Flows

Now we start to really ramp up your cardio demands by using  more dynamic kettlebell exercises. You will be surprised at how hard your cardio will be challenged as you flow between exercises without even moving your feet. 


Workouts 16 - 21: Super Circuits

The final 6 workouts will introduce further full body exercises that flow from one movement to the next challenging your cardio, core and strength all at once. Completing these 4 minute circuits will feel like a real achievement and confirm your place as a full on kettlebell athlete.


If you have followed me for a while then you will know that I love to give away lots of really useful information for free. This is no exception :-)

Bonus 1
Online Kettlebell Tuition Series 
(Value $97)

I've put together a collection of 26 online videos to help you on your kettlebell journey.

Not only do I demonstrate in detail all the important exercises but also answer questions including: What size kettlebell to use? What type of kettlebells to buy?

Bonus 3
Joint Mobility and Stretching
(Value $47)

Want to know the secret to feeling young? These 22 online videos will help improve your range of movement and flexibility.

You will reduce your potential for injury and learn how to open up your joints so you move more freely.


Discover how to reduce back, shoulder and knee issues with this series of videos.

Bonus 2
21 Kettlebell Circuits ebook
(Value $67)

If you don't always want to watch and follow along with the videos then this ebook contains all 21 workouts for quick reference.

Each workout contains detailed images so you know exactly how to perform the exercises safely and correctly each and every time.

Bonus 4
Email Support from Greg
(Value $100 hour)

I know everyone has questions no matter how small so I want you to know that I'm here to help.

If you are struggling with an exercise or have a specific question about what kettlebell weight you are using then I'm only an email away.

Plus, if you want to film and email any particular exercise you have a question about then I'd be more than happy to give you my feedback.

About your Instructor

Greg Brookes

Greg is an experienced personal trainer and kettlebell instructor. He took his first fitness qualifications back in 1993 and has been on a health and fitness journey ever since.

He began by building one of the largest personal training company's in London, UK before moving on to the education of other fitness professionals.

He now shares his skills and knowledge of how to exercise safely and effectively regardless of your starting point or personal obstacles.

He has now taught well over 1000 kettlebell classes and helped over 450,000 people online.

What People are Saying about Greg Brookes and his Workouts

I have watched many, many other videos and instructors in the past, but, my searches ended when I found you! I love your emails! Your videos are fantastic! The workouts are challenging and never boring! Thank you for guiding me through this great journey!


I think older (I'm 63) people are less inclined to train with weight/s for fear of not being fit enough or injuring themselves but for me, by really taking it slowly and introducing myself to this kind of training I have found it to be really good fun and a challenge which I have really enjoyed.


I learned that I CAN do something about how out of shape I am!! It didn’t take long for me to see & feel results. As a somewhat beginner, this program was just the right thing for me. Thanks for the motivation & workouts!


Abs tightened up. Body weight seemed to drop at a more accelerated rate, even with the short expenditure of time devoted to this program. Very catalytic! It has pushed me to explore some other ways to structure KB training.


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you! In recent years I’ve experienced an assortment of health problems affecting my lungs, heart, and eyes, which have limited my ability to exercise. Your program has been exceptionally valuable in my recovery. Especially the 4-minute circuits! They have been a perfect way to gently rebuild cardiovascular health without leaving the confines of my comically small apartment. Though I’m still a kettlebell beginner, it’s a practice I’ll continue thanks to your teaching.


I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing it but you and your programs really are the best, thanks!



Why this program is so Valuable

After training 100's of personal training clients and teaching over 1000 kettlebell classes I started to notice a pattern.

Most people struggle with the same movements, joint problems, exercises and motivation.

I put together this collection of 21 kettlebell circuits to answer these common problems.

These are NOT just a collection of random workouts or trendy exercises. 

Here you will find progressive exercises 'that will just feel right' based on my years of experience.

You could hire me for over $100 per session and over the weeks and month we would go over exactly the same progressions I have included within these 21 workouts.

So you can SAVE over $1000 just by following the exercises I use within this program. 

I believe in empowering people to better understand their own body.

This program will give YOU the power. You will know how to exercise effectively without the need for anyone else.

Let me show you how.

  • 21 Follow Along Workout videos (value $97)
  • 21 Illustrated Workout ebook (value $67) 
  • Kettlebell Tuition Video Series (value $97)
  • Joint Mobility and Stretching Series (value $47)
  • Help and Support from Greg (value $100 hour)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlike most programs that only offer a 14 day guarantee (Or No guarantee at all!), I want to give you time to try my workouts and start seeing results. I am more than confident that this program will work for you, just as it’s helped thousands of other Kettlebell training students.

I have gone from wearing a 40 waist trouser to wearing a 34! I have never been so muscular. I have lost 18lb in the process


It was tough the first couple of days but now it's easier, I look forward to it. Makes my day better, I feel better, stronger, happier, more energy . I feel stronger, more toned, I look more toned, I've lost 5 pounds already.


Changes I noted have been, more endurance, greater cardiovascular volume and muscle strength with a lot more tone. My Range of Motion has greatly increased and aches and pains of older age are reduced.


Greatly improved upper body muscle tone, and I can REALLY feel my abs now. My biggest result was snapping me out of the post-holiday “blah’s” where I wasn’t working out much at all.


Your resources are simply fantastic! Thank you so much. The content you provide is extremely relevant and easy to put into practice. I am new to kettlebell training, and you make it all so approachable and thoughtful. I am deeply grateful for you and your knowledge!


My results (to me) are phenomenal. I have seen all the advances in body shape and size that you have quoted. I have also switched my thought process to actually loving and looking forward to my KB sessions instead of feeling I HAVE to do them.


As a 60 year old that has been working out for 45 years I can tell you that you & your material rank right up there with the best.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
    Sure do! If you try the workouts, implement my strategies, and don't see any results, then you can email me within 30 days of purchase (a whole month!) for a full refund.
  • What format is the program content delivered in?
    The programs are all digital and includes downloadable ebooks (PDF's) and access to all the videos online. You will receive an email with all the content immediately after placing your order.
    Can I download the videos and watch them offline?
    Yes. You are able to select 'download' in the bottom right hand corner of each video and download them direct to your own computer.
  • What equipment will I need?
    You can complete all 21 kettlebell circuits using just one or two kettlebells: 8kg (17lbs)  or 12kg (25lbs) for Women and 12kg or 16kg for Men.
  • I'm a complete beginner is this program for me?
    The 21 kettlebell circuits are designed with the beginner or senior in mind. Even those who think they are more advanced will find these workouts challenging if they use the correct kettlebell weight.  
    Your prices are in $US Dollars can I use a different currency?
    As I'm offering these workouts worldwide $US Dollars is the easiest currency for most customers. If you live outside the USA then your order will be converted into your local currency after your order at no additional cost. You can use a currency converterto see the approximate exchange rate.

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