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25 Best Kettlebell Workout Routines After Teaching Over 1000 Kettlebell Classes

By Greg Brookes
25 Best Kettlebell Workout Routines After Teaching Over 1000 Kettlebell Classes

I thought it would be helpful to share with you my 25 best kettlebell workout routines.

When I teach kettlebell classes, I do not use just random kettlebell circuits; each workout is part of a kettlebell workout plan usually lasting 12 weeks.

The kettlebell workout routines listed below are fun supplements to the kettlebell workout programs that I plan out in advance and are great for kettlebell workouts at home.

So please do not take the below kettle bell workouts as a complete program, just a guide to the different types of workout formats available.

You can also use these full-body workouts as a kettlebell WOD (workout of the day), but you will need to be careful not to overdo things as many of them are rather intense and may require at least a day’s rest.

You may also find it useful to see my 52 kettlebell exercises listed here.

Enjoy the workouts…

1. The Perfect Pair

  • Double Handed Swing – 20 reps
  • Push Ups – 10, 9, 8, 7 etc.
  • Repeat – 10 times

A super simple home kettlebell workout and great kettlebell WOD that hits the entire body and almost every muscle in the body using only 2 exercises.

Perform 20 Double Handed Swings and then 10 Push Ups. Next repeat the 20 Swings and 9 Push Ups. Continue alternating between the Swings and Push Ups reducing the Push Ups by 1 rep each time.

At the end of the routine, you will have completed 200 Swings and 55 Push Ups.

Ensure that you limit the swings to shoulder height rather than going overhead and performing the American swing. Your hip flexors will be well worked after this full-body workout so be sure to stretch them out if you perform this workout regularly.

Completing the workout in under 10 minutes is excellent!

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Perfect Pair kettlebell routine
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2. Take Five Kettlebell Circuit Workout

  • Double Handed Squats – 20 reps
  • Snatch – 20 reps
  • Reverse Lunge – 20 reps
  • Push Up – 20 reps
  • Double Handed Swing – 20 reps
  • Repeat – 15, 10, 5 reps

A kettlebell routine that uses 5 of the best exercises.

Perform each exercise for 20 reps each, with snatches and lunges being 20 reps on each side. Next repeat the kettlebell circuit workout for 15 reps, then 10 reps and finally 5 reps.

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Take Five Kettlebell Circuit
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3. Climb to Fitness with Kettle Bells

  • Burpees – 30 secs / rest 30 secs
  • Slow Mountain Climbers – 30 secs
  • Alternating Swings – 30 secs
  • Push Ups – 30 secs
  • Double Handed Squats – 30 secs
  • Sit & Press – 30 secs
  • Double Handed Swings – 30 secs
  • Fast Mountain Climbers – 30 secs
  • Repeat – add another exercise each round

A full-body workout movement ladder that adds a new exercise after each rest period. Start with 30 seconds of Burpees, then rest for 30 seconds.

Next perform 30 seconds of Burpees and then 30 seconds of Slow Mountain Climbers, and rest for 30 seconds. Continue adding one exercise each circuit until you end up completing all 8 exercises without resting.

If you are feeling brave, you can then come back down the ladder by removing an exercise every round. Climbing both up and back down the ladder is very challenging!

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Climb to Fitness with Kettlebells
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4. The Kettle bell Workout Test

  • Snatch – 3 mins
  • Push Ups – 3 mins
  • Double Handed Squats – 3 mins
  • Slow Mountain Climbers – 3 mins
  • Double Lunge – 3 mins
  • Rest 60 seconds after each exercise

Use this test to monitor your progress. You can test yourself every month and see how your strength and fitness levels are improving.

To maintain proper form I recommend you start with lighter kettlebells before moving on to heavier weights once you feel comfortable with the kettlebell movements.

Perform each exercise for 3 minutes, and record your total number of reps while resting for 1 minute between exercises. For the Snatches and Lunges, switch sides every 10 reps.

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kettlebell workout test
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52 Kettlebell Exercises Download PDF

5. 5 Step Kettle bell Workout Ladder

  • One Handed Swing – 5 reps each
  • High Pulls – 5 reps each
  • Snatch – 5 reps each
  • Windmill – 5 reps each
  • Repeat – adding 1 more exercise below each round
  • Clean & Press – 5 reps each
  • Double Lunge – 5 reps each
  • Squat & Press – 5 reps each

A fun kettlebell routine that adds a new exercise every round. Start with the first 4 exercises for 5 reps on each side, left hand and right hand.

Next, rest for 1 minute and repeat the exercises, adding the next exercise on the list after the Snatch.

Make sure that you always finish with the Windmill.

Continue adding a new exercise each round until you finish all 7 exercises, finishing with the Windmill.

If you find the windmill difficult due to tightness in your hamstrings then have a slight bend in the front leg to maintain proper form.

Notice how the high pulls and the snatch work into the upper back, and all three of the first exercises strengthen the posterior chain.

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5 Step Workout Ladder
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6. Kettle bell Workout Super Sized

  • Clean & Press – 10 reps each
  • Double Lunge – 10 reps each
  • Single Leg Deadlift – 10 reps each
  • Squat Racked – 10 reps each
  • Windmill – 10 reps each
  • Burpees – 20 reps
  • Fast Mountain Climbers – 20 reps
  • Jump Squats – 20 reps
  • Double Handed Swings – 20 reps
  • High Pulls – 20 reps each

A double kettlebell routine that will work both your strength training first and then your cardio, rapidly raising your heart rate.

Notice how this workout heavily works on the lower body by challenging the core muscles by using the windmill exercise. The windmill will also improve your range of motion, especially around your hips, shoulder joints and shoulder blades.

Perform the first block for 10 reps on each side, both right hand and left hand. Use the rack position for the squats and double lunges.

Next, perform the second block for 20 reps on each side. Work up to 3 complete kettlebell circuits.

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super sized kettlebell circuit
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7. KB Workout Super Sized V.2

  • Windmill – 10 reps each
  • Double Lunge – 10 reps each
  • Snatch – 10 reps each
  • Thruster – 10 reps each
  • T – Push Ups – 10 reps each
  • Double Handed Swings – 20 reps
  • No Kettlebell Squats – 20 reps
  • High Pulls – 20 reps each
  • Bob & Weave – 20 reps
  • Alternating Reverse Lunges (no bell) – 20 reps

The same workout format as the one above except with different exercises.

Start with 1 kettlebell circuit and try to work up to 3 circuits if possible.

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super sized workout version 2
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8. A Pressing Minute and Kettlebells

  • One Handed Swing – 60 secs each
  • Double Lunge – 60 secs each
  • High Pulls – 60 secs each
  • Squat & Press – 60 secs each
  • Snatch – 60 secs each
  • Sit & Press – 60 secs
  • Rest 60 seconds between exercises + 10 Push Ups

A motivational full-body kettlebell workout because you only perform each exercise once.

Set your timer to beep every 60 seconds. Start with 60 seconds of Swings on both sides and then perform 10 Push-ups during the 3rd minute, and rest for the remainder of that minute.

Continue performing each exercise and add 10 Push-ups into the rest periods.

The quicker you can perform the push-ups, the more rest you will have!

If you find this too demanding, then leave out the Push Ups.

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Pressing Minute with Bells
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9. 1 Minute Kettle bell Workout Intervals

  • One Handed Swing – 60 secs each
  • Reverse Lunge Overhead – 60 secs each
  • Clean – 60 secs each
  • Squat & Press – 60 secs each
  • Snatch – 60 secs each
  • Clean, Squat & Press – 60 secs each
  • Rest 60 seconds between exercises

The same format as the workout above except with different exercises and no Push Ups during the rest period.

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1 minute kettlebell intervals
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10. 1 Minute Kettlebell Workout Circuits

  • Double Handed Squat – 60 secs
  • Slow Mountain Climbers – 60 secs
  • Alternating Swing – 60 secs
  • Push Ups – 60 secs
  • Jumping Lunges – 60 secs
  • Dirty Dogs – 60 secs
  • Bob & Weave – 60 secs
  • High Pulls – 60 secs each
  • Double Lunge – 60 secs each
  • Squat & Press – 60 secs each
  • Rest 15 seconds after each exercise

A nice big kettlebell circuit workout that uses both kettlebell and bodyweight exercises.

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds before moving on to the next.

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1 minute kettlebell circuits
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52 Kettlebell Exercises Download PDF

11. A Burping Kettle bell Workout Minute

  • One Handed Swing – 60 secs each
  • Reverse Lunge – 60 secs each
  • Squat & Press – 60 secs each
  • Clean – 60 secs each
  • Push Ups – 60 secs
  • Sit & Press – 60 secs
  • Rest 60 seconds between exercises + 10 Burpees

A similar format to workout #9, except for this workout, you add 10 Burpees into your rest period.

Great for your cardio and quickly increasing your aerobic capacity and heart rate this one!

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Burping Kettlebell Routine
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12. 300 Classic Kettlebell Workout Challenge

  • One Handed Swing – 50 reps each
  • Snatch – 25 reps each
  • Clean & Press – 25 reps each
  • Reverse Lunge – 25 reps each
  • Squat & Press – 25 reps each

My classic kettle bell workout challenge.

Perform each exercise for the prescribed number of reps for a total of 300 reps.

You will find it easier to perform each exercise in blocks of 5 or 10 before changing sides.

Many people struggle with their grip strength when performing higher rep counts, so simply change hands when your forearms start to fatigue.

You can also use the push press rather than the strict press as a great way to fully fatigue the shoulder muscles when the clean and press becomes too challenging.

Your target is under 15 minutes for the full 300 reps.

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300 Classic Kettlebell Challenge
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13. 300 Kettlebell Workout Challenge V.2.

  • Snatch – 25 reps each
  • Squat & Press – 25 reps each
  • High Pulls – 25 reps each
  • Bob & Weave – 50 reps
  • One Handed Swing – 50 reps each

A slight twist on my Classic challenge above.

Use the same format as the Classic and perform the 300 reps as quickly as possible.

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300 Kettlebell Challenge v2
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14. 2 x 7 minutes KB Workout Circuits

  • Double Lunge – 5 reps each
  • Squat & Press – 5 reps each
  • Snatch – 5 reps each
  • Double Handed Swings – 20 reps
  • Burpees – 10 reps
  • Fast Mountain Climbers – 20 reps
  • Perform each circuit for 7 minutes

Two separate circuits are performed one after the other with 60 seconds of rest between them.

When performing the squats ensure you keep your feet hip-width apart or slightly wider and squat down to at least parallel with the floor to activate your buttocks fully.

Perform each of the 3 exercise circuits for 7 minutes.

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2 x 7 Minute Kettlebell Circuits
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15. 2 x 7 minutes V.2 Kettlebell Circuits

  • Single Leg Deadlift – 5 reps each
  • Side Lunge – 5 reps each
  • T – Push Up – 5 reps each
  • Two Handed Handed Swings – 20 reps
  • Bodyweight Reverse Lunges – 20 reps
  • Bodyweight Squats – 20 reps
  • Perform each circuit for 7 minutes

The same format as the workout described above.

The first kettlebell circuit is more for strength training, and the second is for improving your cardio.

Be meticulous when performing the kettlebell deadlift. Your lower back should remain neutral, and your core muscles should be braced tight. Maintain good form throughout the exercise, and if need be, use a lighter weight to practice proper form.

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2 x 7 Minute Kettlebell Circuits v2
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52 Kettlebell Exercises Download PDF

16. 2 x 7 minutes V.3 KB Workout Circuits

  • Clean, Squat & Press – 5 reps each
  • Double Lunge – 5 reps each
  • T – Push Ups – 5 reps each
  • Burpees – 10 reps
  • Jumping Lunges – 20 reps
  • Two Handed Swings – 20 reps
  • Perform each circuit for 7 minutes

Another pair of 7-minute kettlebell circuits that follow the same format as above.

2 x 7 Minute Kettlebell Circuits v3
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17. 10 and Walk Kettle bell Workout

  • One Handed Swing – 10 reps each x 2
  • High Pulls – 10 reps each x 2
  • Snatch – 10 reps each x 2
  • Clean, Squat & Press – 10 reps each x 2
  • Walking Lunge – 10 reps between each exercise

A good workout to perform either outside or in a large room.

Start with the One Handed Swings for 10 reps on each side, left hand and right hand. Next, perform the walking Lunge for 10 steps.

Repeat the One-Handed Swing for 10 reps on each side, and also the Walking Lunges again.

Next, move on to the next exercise and repeat with the Walking Lunges after every exercise.

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10 and Walk Kettlebell Routine
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18. 30 Second Kettlebell Supersets

  • One Handed Swing – 30 secs each
  • Squat & Press – 30 secs each
  • High Pulls – 30 secs each
  • Double Lunges – 30 secs each
  • Perform each pair 3 times

Quick and simple kettlebell routine and excellent kettlebell WOD that is performed in pairs of exercises.

Start with 30 seconds of Swings on each side, left and right, followed by 30 seconds of Squat & Presses on each side.

Rest 30 seconds and repeat the pairing.

Rest 30 seconds and repeat for a final time. Rest for 30 seconds and move on to the next pairing.

Continue in this manner for the 2nd pair of exercises.

30 second kettlebell supersets
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19. Double Trouble (2 Kettlebells Required)

  • Double Squat – 1 min
  • Push Ups – 1 min
  • Burpees – 1 min
  • Reverse Lunge – 1 min
  • Clean & Press – 1 min
  • Bodyweight Bob & Weave – 1 min
  • Perform each pair 3 times

Using two kettlebells, perform each pairing 3 times, rest for 1 minute after each round. Great for building up strength and also improving your cardio.

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Double Trouble KB Workout
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20. 50/10 Kettlebell Routine

  • Snatch – 50 secs each
  • Burpee – 50 secs
  • Clean & Press – 50 secs each
  • Jump Squats – 50 secs
  • Windmill – 50 secs each
  • Lunge & Hop – 50 secs each
  • Push Ups – 50 secs
  • High Pulls – 50 secs each
  • Squat & Hold – 50 secs
  • Slow Mountain Climbers – 50 secs
  • One Handed Swings – 50 secs each
  • Sit & Press – 50 secs each
  • Rest 10 secs between exercises

A big circuit that uses lots of fun kettlebell and bodyweight exercises.

Perform each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Some exercises are 50 seconds on each side with a rest in between.

Tough, but you only have to perform each exercise once.

50 and 10 KB Workout
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52 Kettlebell Exercises Download PDF

21. Beat the Cards KB Workout Challenge

  • Hearts – Push Ups
  • Spades – Reverse Lunge
  • Clubs – Slow Mountain Climbers
  • Diamonds – Squat & Press
  • Jack – High Pulls x 10 each
  • Queen – Snatch x 10 each
  • King – One Handed Swings x 10 each
  • Ace – Reverse Turkish Get-Up x 1 each
  • Joker (optional) – 1 Minute Rest

A fun way to randomize your workouts and keep them interesting also a possible kettlebell WOD.

Remove all the numbered cards from 2-5.

Next, shuffle the deck and turn over the top card.

Depending on the number and suit you will perform that exercise for a certain amount of reps.

Work your way through the full deck of cards as quickly as possible.

Beat the Cards Workout Challenge
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22. 3 x Classic Kettlebell Workout Circuits

  • One Handed Swing – 30 secs each
  • Clean & Press – 30 secs each
  • Side Lunge – 30 secs each
  • Clean & Squat – 30 secs each
  • Alternating Swing – 30 secs each
  • Double Lunge – 30 secs each
  • Squat & Press – 30 secs each
  • Windmill – 30 secs each
  • Double Handed Swing – 60 secs
  • Clean, Squat & Press – 30 secs each
  • High Pulls – 30 secs each
  • Overhead Forward Lunge – 30 secs each
  • Rest 60 secs between circuits

3 Classic circuits that should flow from one exercise to the next without you putting the kettlebell down.

Rest 1 minute between each circuit.

3 x Classic Kettlebell Circuits
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23. Big Circuit Kettlebell Routine

  • Snatch – 60 secs each
  • Burpee – 60 secs
  • Push Ups – 60 secs
  • Alternating Swing – 60 secs
  • Squat Thrusts – 60 secs
  • Overhead Press – 60 secs each
  • Rest 1-2 mins repeat max 3 times

One large circuit-based workout that requires 60 seconds for each exercise or per side, depending on the movement.

Rest only at the end of the circuit and then repeat for a maximum of 3 complete circuits.

Big Circuit Kettlebell Workout Routine
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24. Tabata Time Kettlebell Routine

  • Push Ups – 20 secs
  • Alternating Swing – 20 secs
  • Fast Mountain Climbers – 20 secs
  • High Pulls – 20 secs
  • Snatch – 20 secs
  • Jumping Lunge – 20 secs
  • Rest 10 secs after each exercise
  • Repeat each pair 8 times

Nice and simple but effective Tabata-style workout.

Perform each pairing for 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest.

Repeat each pairing 8 times. Then, rest for 60 seconds and move on to the next pair.

Tabata Time Workout with kettlebells
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25. 10 then 5 Kettlebell Workout Routine

  • One Handed Swing – 10 reps each
  • High Pulls – 10 reps each
  • Snatch – 10 reps each
  • Rest 60 secs
  • Squat & Press – 10 reps each
  • Alternating Swing – 10 reps each
  • Clean & Press – 10 reps each
  • Rest 60 secs
  • Side Lunge – 10 reps each
  • Two Handed Swing – 20 reps
  • Reverse Lunge & Press – 10 reps each
  • Rest 60 secs
  • Repeat for 5 reps on each side with no rests

A great workout that always keeps you interested.

Run through all the exercises for 10 reps, each side resting where indicated.

Then repeat all the exercises again but for 5 reps on each side but without any rest in between circuits.

10 then 5 Kettlebell Workout
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Above I have listed my 25 best kettlebell workout routines or possible kettlebell WOD that I have used within my kettlebell classes. All of these would be great as a home kettlebell workout using only one kettlebell and your bodyweight.

As mentioned earlier, these do not constitute a kettlebell workout plan but rather give you routines that may be used within a 12-week kettlebell workout program.

If you are new to kettlebell training then you need to learn the basic movements before progressing on to most of these kettlebell workout routines.

Here are the best 5 beginner kettlebell exercises and 4 beginner kettlebell workouts.

Please ensure you use these free kettlebell workouts as a guide only and as part of a progressive workout program.

Take your time and master the exercises in each workout first.

All the best, and enjoy the workouts.

See more full-body kettlebell workouts here

52 Kettlebell Exercises Download PDF


What is a good kettlebell workout?

The best kettlebell workouts activate as many muscles as possible, burning a huge amount of calories, improving movement skills, and increasing cardio levels at the same time.

Do I need 2 kettlebells?

No. Most kettlebell workouts can be performed with just one kettlebell. If you choose your kettlebell carefully, it can last you for a lifetime of fun-filled workouts.

Is a kettlebell workout effective?

If your goals are overall fat loss, general conditioning and improvement in strength, then kettlebell workouts are a great choice.

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    1. Igor Avatar

      Hi Greg, I have a question about number 24 – tabata workout: does “repeat each pairing 8 times” mean that you need to alternate between a total of 4 sets of push ups and 4 sets of alternating swings or is it alternating between 8 sets of push ups and 8 sets of alternating swings during the first pair?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        A total of 8 sets is best Igor.

    2. Sebastian Müller Avatar
      Sebastian Müller

      The Perfect Pair is my absolute favorite. Especially with the descending ladder. This keeps the execution clean because the intensity decreases and with the swings it still gets crisp.

    3. Basilio Milano Avatar
      Basilio Milano

      Hi Greg, I am Basilio, I started using Kettlebell about 2 years ago, and I feel pretty good, I like work out with them. I am new on your website, and I would like ask you a questioni about the one arm kettlebell swing: you said that the single arm kettlebell swing works the middle trapezius and the rhomboids, among other muscles, therefore an electromyography on the back chain shows you that?
      I am sorry for my English and I really appreciate if you answer me.

    4. jose alberto Avatar
      jose alberto

      ola mestre, sou do BRASIL. sou atleta de girevoy e amo fazer treinos em circuitos nos dias de metabolicos. Sou militar e pretendo montar um projeto para apresentar ao meu comandante quero implantar os kettlebell nos quarteis aqui no meu Estado.

    5. Jamal Avatar

      Hey Greg! Thanks for putting this list together. Love how your videos are quick and to the point. No talking, no introductions, just the movement… just like it should be : ) I’ve bookmarked this page, shared it on my pages, and connected with you on social.

    6. Andrea Avatar

      I really like the perfect pair work out! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes me too Andrea, see if you can get under 15 minutes and then eventually 10 minutes 🙂

    7. Carole Geary Purser Avatar
      Carole Geary Purser

      I accidentally deleted the work outs as I was cleaning up my email. How can I get another copy?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Which workouts are you referring to Carole?

    8. Lorien Avatar

      I am a kettlebell instructor and always looking for new ways to spice up my classes. I love your instruction and variety to routines!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Thanks Lorien and great to meet you.

    9. Mary Avatar

      Excellent post. Thank you for the clear instruction. So motivating!

    10. Artur Siqueira Avatar
      Artur Siqueira

      Obrigado meu amigo pelos treinos disponibilizados, foi muito bom

    11. Regina Hurwitz Avatar
      Regina Hurwitz

      At the Moment I am following your 21 Day Kettlebell Swing Program. I like it and I am really making progress with my swings. Thank you.
      Is it possible to get your programs as DVDs?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Thanks Regina, all my programs are available as ebooks with online videos but sadly not on DVD.

    12. Lesley Magasiner Avatar
      Lesley Magasiner

      I was subscribed to your kettlebell workout of the day but all myour workshops have disappeared. Is it possible to resubscribe?

    13. KB Drills Avatar

      That’s a big list of KB workouts! Will try them out for sure! Thanks for sharing.

    14. Renos Booth Avatar
      Renos Booth

      Hi Greg, hope all well. Good to keep seeing your updates and great content. Let us know if you are ever in London….

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Thanks Ren, good to hear from you. Yes next time I’m in London I’ll be sure to get in touch. Regards to Helen.

    15. B. Nightingale Avatar
      B. Nightingale

      Hi Greg,
      i am 52 kg, 5f.4” – 39 yrs old female. I am quite athletic and watch your videos and follow some of your workouts already – i found you and your app thru Dr. Mercola while ago. I appreciate if you tell me how to build body- i do not want to lose wait, just want to build some muscle, broader shoulder, defined arms and strong legs. I could swing etc 16-20kg, deadlift my body weight but i still look too skinny. I eat quite healthy too. Any advice, many thanks in advance!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hello, to build a little more muscle I recommend that you focus more on “Grind” based exercises e.g. Clean and Press, Rows, Push Ups, Pull Ups, Lunges, Pistol Squats. Use a weight that challenges you with 8-15 reps and perform 3 sets. Keep me updated on results.

        1. b. Nightingale Avatar
          b. Nightingale

          Thank you so much for your time to reply. Would it be sufficient enough if i do this routine-3 sets, 3-4 times a week? I have been watching your videos and my technique has greatly improved, many thanks again!

          1. Greg Brookes Avatar

            Yes that sounds like the right amount, monitor your progress and adjust accordingly. Keep me updated.

            1. B.Nightingale Avatar

              Hi Greg,
              i have have been following the workout routine. I did three days/3 sets last week and felt quite tired. This week i plan to do 4 days/3 sets per day. I also realized that i get really hungry so i start eating more and thought about ordering pure protein powder after workout. Do you recommend power shake (dr.mercola pure protein powder)? another big question should I have a small break after each exercise or each set? and how long? Thanks a million for help & advises!
              (I push myself more and get out of my comfort zone. It is hard and feel tired- I am using 16kg kb for Clean and Press (each arm) and Rows (each arm), Push Ups 30-40, Pull Ups( i can’t do it at home- tried hanging on a door, but didn’t work out well 🙂 so instead i do 45 kg deadlifts and 16 kg kettle bell pullover , Lunges 15 each leg w 16kg kb, Pistol Squats without kb. ) is that good?

            2. Greg Brookes Avatar

              Take a look at this recent article on building muscle with kettlebells, it will help answer your questions.

    16. Kettlebell Drills Avatar

      Wow that’s a great list of workouts using the kettlebell! Thanks for sharing.

    17. Ian Avatar

      Greg, I’m wondering what a press up is. I’ve googled around a little and can’t find anything. Do you mean a push up? Or a single armed press with the kettle bell?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Ian, yes sorry here in the UK we call Push Ups “Press Ups”

    18. Victor Thomas Avatar

      Interesting article. Kettlebells have become more popular than dumbbells and barbells. BTW, I found some interesting kettlebell workout routines at The Urban Roar site (http://theurbanroar.com/)

    19. tracy mcdonald Avatar
      tracy mcdonald

      Which of the routines above would you suggest for an all over body workout (especially inner thighs and buttocks). Lost a lot of weight and need to tone up and get fit

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Tracy, they all have their benefits but for pure simplicity I would start with No. 1 “Perfect Pair”, the swing will hit your buttocks and inner thighs and the push ups your chest, core and backs of arms. After you have mastered this workout move on to No. 2 and so on. Best of luck!

    20. Seraphim Holland Avatar

      I did an imperfect perfect pair yesterday. I added 100 jump rope to each set, and did 15 sets. I also did single arm swings, ten each side with a 24kg bell. Two Hand swings are too easy. The pushups started at 15. Took me about 25 minutes. I appreciate the idea for a perfect workout.

    21. judi R Avatar
      judi R

      Have been following along with you for a bit now. I saw this grouping today and am excited to to try some of these groupings. I go hard for awhile but then get bored with the “same old routine”. These are definitely something to mix and match with and to keep my interest piqued. Tkx so much for your continued inspirations.

    22. valerie Avatar

      Hi Greg I’ve been doing kettle bell for over 3 years now I love your work outs,and the videos I learn so much from watching them .Thankyou so much.

    23. ted Avatar

      hey Greg, thank you for such good & comprehensive info. I love kettlebells and have been doing some regular workouts for several months. My current goal is 10,000 swings which I am now doing single handed. I do a push up routine of five sets, presently 100 reps total, progressing, and in the 90sec ‘rest’ between pushup sets I do 25-30 sh swings. Presently at 8,000 swings. I also do some reps where I swing the kb laterally in front of my body changing hands. I am 68, working to improve my deep core stabilisers and wanting to build some guns. Cheers from Ted.

    24. Tammy Avatar

      Hi Greg,

      I really enjoy these workouts, thanks for taking the time to post them. I used to receive your posts regularly, but this was the first one in a long time. I hope I did not miss any.

      I have many clients over 65 and a yoga client at 91 1/2. I know that kettle bells work if done properly, but many of my clients do not want to do them. Suggestions?



      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        You should always start with Bodyweight exercises first and then when your client shows good movement strength and skill you can progress to the kettlebell beginners exercises

        All workout programing is a process of progression

        Best of luck with it,

    25. Richard Avatar


      I’m the usual story, office-bound sitting most of the day behind a screen. Need to Shed Kg’s but also want to build at the same time, what would be a good weekly regime to follow?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Richard, I’d take control of your diet first to help shed the pounds. I’d then take a look at my beginners series or beginners workouts to build a solid foundation. Best of luck!

    26. Adam G Avatar
      Adam G

      Great workouts! I’ve made it through pretty much all of them at this point. It seems the website was recently updated. On the older version, there were a number of extra workouts by category at the bottom of the page (tabata workouts, 7 min cardio circuits, ladder workouts etc.) I was wondering if those workouts/categories were still up on the site somewhere.

      Thanks again for all the great workouts and tutorials, they’ve gotten me into great shape!


      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Thanks Adam, yes I’m just updating that section. I’ll send out a newsletter once they are finished, should be within the next week or so.

    27. Rachel Avatar

      Love what you’ve done! I’m 44 & been at gyms since aged 16. Always been fit and slim and relatively strong. In the last 6 months I’ve set up a small home gym with kettlebells and your site is exactly what I need to stay on track and learn. Here’s my question. With having a gym mindset, thinking that I can do a 4 minute workout and be strong and fit makes me very nervous! I’m keen to understand things like frequency, duration, and strength / cardio in that mix too on a weekly basis. Thanks!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        As with all exercise Rachel it comes down to your goals. Once you can clearly define what you want to achieve then you can build a program around that. For many people just building a regular exercise habit is the first step and in 4 minutes you can get a lot done without putting you off exercise all together 🙂

    28. Eileen NIcholson Avatar
      Eileen NIcholson

      Great stretching videos, thanks so much

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Thanks Eileen, pleased they were useful

    29. Andreaz Olunateko Avatar
      Andreaz Olunateko

      This’s the most wonderful thing to happen in my life! Since I joined l have no problem with running out of ideas while training my clients. Keep up the good job Greg….you are a bedding. Thanks

    30. Rohit Singh Avatar

      Hi this is my first time here and I loved the article about kettlebells but I have tried it yet and I will try to do some workouts which you have mentioned, and very nicely arranged workouts which any beginner can follow Thanks and keep up the great work going

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        My pleasure Rohit. Let me know if you need any help.

      2. Irene Gerstle Avatar
        Irene Gerstle

        Your workouts are wonderful.. I’ve been workingout with kettlebells for 7 years and throughly love it. I’ve learned several new moves watching your videos, including the Bob and Weave, which I have incorporated in my workouts. Thank you. I have personally tried everyone of your workouts and have enjoyed tham all. I am a personal trainer, and my clients are now using some of your workouts. Your routines work well for me! Thank you!

        1. Greg Brookes Avatar

          My pleasure Irene, I’m pleased that I could help. If you need anything just let me know 🙂