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50 Frequently Asked Questions About Kettlebell Training

By Greg Brookes
50 Frequently Asked Questions About Kettlebell Training

I get asked a lot of questions about kettlebell training so I thought it would be helpful to create a list of the most commonly asked questions all in one place for your reference…

Which kettlebell weight should i buy?

Because kettlebell exercises use the whole body rather than just a few isolated muscles you will be surprised at how much more weight you can lift than usual.

Women should begin with an 8kg (15b) and progress to a 12kg (25lb) and finally a 16kg (35b) for two handed swings.

Men will start with a 12kg, progress to a 16kg and finally a 24kg (50lbs) for two handed swings.

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My main goal is fat loss, where should I start?

Kettlebell workouts, when performed correctly, use 100’s of muscles at a time and so not only burn lots of calories during the workout but also condition the muscles of the body increasing your metabolic rate.

The Two handed Swing is your first main goal, not only will it target lots of muscle mass but it’s also very cardiovascular.

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Are short workouts really best for fat loss?

Yes, there is lots of research now that shows full body short workouts are more effective than long slow cardio workouts. The benefits are you:

  • Continue to burn calories hours afterwards
  • Avoid overtraining​​​​​​​
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Add tone and condition to your full body

Plus, shorter workouts are naturally more achievable. In under 10 minutes you can complete your workout at home before work and then carry on with your day.

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How long will it take to see results?

Kettlebell training when performed correctly will increase muscle tone thus increasing your metabolic rate, improve your cardio and mobility, and burn a lot of calories.

With a good diet and sensible kettlebell training program you will start to see cardio, strength and fat loss within 30 days.

How often should I workout?

Kettlebell Training is intense. Most exercises use the whole body and over 600 muscles at a time. Workouts should be kept short and repeated often. So a regular schedule may include a 10 minute workout 5 times per week.

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What does a good beginners routine look like?

All beginners should start off by mastering the Kettlebell Swing. The Swing is a full body exercise that will deliver more results than any other exercise. Here’s an example workout:

  • Two Handed Swing x 10 reps
  • Rest x 30 seconds
  • Repeat 3 – 10 rounds

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What does an advanced routine look like?

More advanced kettlebellers will put together circuits directed at different movement patterns, for example:

  • Single Handed Swing x 30 secs each side
  • Reverse Lunge x 30 secs each side
  • Clean x 30 secs each side
  • Squat and Press x 30 secs each side
  • Rest 60 seconds and repeat

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How do I know when to progress exercises?

Progressing at the correct rate is very important. If you progress too soon then you risk injury because your stabilising muscles and connective tissue may not of fully developed.

A beginners progression looks like this. When you can complete no.1 you move on to no.2 and so on.

  1. Two Handed Swing x 60 seconds
  2. One Handed Swing x 60 seconds each side
  3. Increase the weight and repeat

Another example: Only press overhead what you can use for the Turkish Get Up. Always master the Get Up before the overhead press because this conditions the shoulder stabilisers and prevents potential future shoulder injuries.

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Why is the turkish get up so difficult?

The Get Up is the perfect full body exercise that not only mobilises all of your joints but teaches your body to work together as one especially integrating your core muscles with your limbs.

​​​​​​​If you struggle with the Get Up then start without a weight to master the movements, then begin adding weight slowly.

You should be able to Get Up with the same weight that you single handedly swing a kettlebell with. If you cannot then you must practice because you lack certain stability and mobility that will prevent you from future injuries.

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My knees hurt when I squat or lunge?

If you have had an accident or knee surgery then I can understand why you may experience knee pain.

However, if your knees just hurt when you squat or lunge then the chances are that your technique is either bad or you are just too weak to properly squat.

Practice squatting by unloading the movement. You can do this by holding onto a pole, back of a chair or using a band or TRX. Also master the squat before moving onto the lunge.

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Which muscles do kettlebells work?

Unlike conventional body building type exercises kettlebell training works hundreds of muscles at a time. At is the full body natural of kettlebell training that makes it so effective.

10 best kettlebell workouts

Where to start with kettlebells?

Like all things there is a natural order to kettlebell training to prevent injury and develop skill. The primary goals should be the kettlebell swing which means developing the hip hinge and the deadlift movement pattern.

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Where did kettlebell training originate?

Many believe it started in Scotland as a competitive event where an actual kettle was used loaded with weight.

Where to buy kettlebells?

You can buy kettlebells from most good sports shops as well as online at specialist shops. There are a lot of really badly designed kettlebells out there so make sure you choose wisely and don’t just go for the cheapest option, you will only regret it later.

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Where do kettlebell swings target?

There are not many muscles that don’t get used during the kettlebell swing but in particular they focus on the back of the body: buttocks, hamstrings, lower and upper back.

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Why use the kettlebell swing?

The kettlebell swing is an all-in-one exercise that uses most muscles of the body. The swing improves your posture, increases your cardio, develop explosive power and is superb for fat loss.

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Why use kettlebell training?

Kettlebell training uses hundreds of muscles in the body during every exercise making is very time efficient as well as improving your cardio often without the need to even move your feet. It’s fun too!

Why a kettlebell workout is good for you?

Kettlebell workouts, when programmed correctly, flow from one exercise to the next using hundreds of muscles at a time. They will develop stronger muscle and bone density, safeguard daily movement patterns and increase flexibility.

Why kettlebell training is so effective?

The kettlebells off centre design enables the kettlebell to be used dynamically meaning the body has to absorb and regenerate power in order to keep the kettlebell moving continuously.

Why use kettlebell exercises?

Flowing through a handful of kettlebell exercises means you can complete a full workout in under 10 minutes, challenging your strength, cardio and movement skills.

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How the kettlebell swing works?

Using your hips and straight arms you swing the kettlebell in between your legs and then up to chest height repeatedly. The kettlebell swing can be performed with two hands or one.

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How many times a week can you use kettlebells?

The amount of times per week you should use your kettlebell depends on the intensity and what type of exercises you are using. Using good workout programming then 3 – 5 times per week is usually enough to see excellent results.

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How long before results using kettlebells?

You will gain strength and muscle tonicity quickly using kettlebells and with a good quality diet see fat loss results within 30 days.

How many reps using kettlebells?

The amount of reps you use will depend on your goals and the type of exercise. For more cardio benefits you will use higher reps, for example 20 – 30 swings and for strength much lower reps, maybe only 5 clean and presses.

10 best kettlebell workouts

How many kettlebell swings?

Beginners should start off mastering the two handed swing for only 10 reps before resting and repeating. More advanced swingers may perform 50 or more.

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How many kettlebell sets?

Your goals and experience will determine how many sets to perform. Beginners performing the kettlebell swing may perform 3 – 5 sets of 10 reps and work up to 10 x 10 reps. Kettlebell circuits using many exercises may be limited to 1 – 3 sets.

Are kettlebell swings cardio?

Yes, very much so. A good set of kettlebell swings will elevate your heart rate quickly without the need for you to even move your feet.

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Are kettlebell swings good for abs?

Yes, the top part of the kettlebell swing is like a vertical plank. Your abs work hard to prevent you from over extending during every repetition.

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Are kettlebell swings hiit?

If programmed correctly then yes kettlebell swings can be high intensity interval training.

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Are kettlebell swings dangerous?

When taught correctly kettlebell swings are very safe. If you experience pain bending forwards or backwards then kettlebell swings are not the exercise for you.

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Are kettlebell squats effective?

Yes and in particular the Goblet Squat is super effective at working most muscles in the body as well as being very cardiovascular.

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Are kettlebell swings enough?

Kettlebell swings get a lot done in very little time but progression is always important. Increasing the weight, reps and sets will ensure you continue to get results. Ultimately, adding other movement patterns will be important too.

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Are kettlebell swings good for your back?

When performed correctly and using your lower back isometrically as a stabiliser kettlebell swings will help protect you against future back pain.

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Are kettlebell workouts good for weight loss?

Yes kettlebell workouts, when programmed correctly, provide a full body mix that will increase your metabolism and generate fat burning hours after your workout has finished unlike conventional cardio methods.

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Are kettlebell swings safe during pregnancy?

Why risk it? In my opinion ballistic and dynamic exercises like kettlebell swings should be avoided during pregnancy. You don’t need to give up on exercise, bodyweight workouts are a far safer option.

10 best kettlebell workouts

Will kettlebells get you ripped?

If you want the ripped look then focusing in on your diet should be you main priority. After you have your diet sorted then yes full body workouts using kettlebells will certainly help.

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When to increase the kettlebell weight?

As a simple guide, when you can swing a kettlebell with two hands for 60 seconds then it’s time to either progress to one hand or increase the weight.

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Can I use kettlebells when sick?

Any type of intense exercise takes energy and nutrients from the body before being replaced later by your diet. If you are sick then you need as many nutrients as possible to fight your illness. Light exercise will help pump nutrients around the body but keep the intensity low.

Can kettlebells build muscle?

Yes but because the exercises are full body movements you won’t get the individual muscle pump like you get with dumbbells. If you are into bodybuilding then barbells and dumbbells are a better option.

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Can kettlebells replace dumbbells?

Yes but it depends on your goals. For full body training and conditioning kettlebells are excellent. If you want to build individual muscles then dumbbells are a better choice.

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Can kettlebell swings be done everyday?

Yes if you are young, fit and recover well. As we age recovery from exercise takes longer so if you do want to use kettlebell swings everyday you will need to keep the intensity and reps low.

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Can kettlebell swings replace deadlifts?

Kettlebell swings and deadlifts use the same movement pattern but swings are more dynamic and explosive. Standard deadlifts start from a dead position whereas swings are fluid. For pure strength deadlifts are better for explosive practical power I would use swings.

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Can kettlebell swings replace squats?

Swing and squats use different movement patterns so one can never replace the other. However, if your goals are fat loss then yes swings can be used rather than squats.

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Can kettlebells replace cardio?

Kettlebell training, when used correctly, can induce a very high level of cardio while developing strength too. So kettlebells can replace you standard cardio and save you a lot of time.

10 best kettlebell workouts

Can kettlebells cause injury?

Yes, just like all types of exercise if the movements are not taught correctly, you try to lift too much weight or you do not rest enough then yes you can get injured.

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Can the kettlebell swing help golfers?

Kettlebell swings are performed forwards and backwards in the sagittal plane. Golf requires rotation through the hips and back so there is no direct movement correlation. However, kettlebell swings could help as a pre-habilitation exercise to strengthen and protect the lower back.

Can I do kettlebell swings with a dumbbell?

Not very easily, the kettlebell benefits from having its load off centre.

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What kettlebell weight should I start with?

Kettlebells use full body exercises so you should not compare the weights to dumbbells etc. Men should start with a 12kg or 16kg (35lbs) and women an 8kg or 12kg (25lbs).

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What kettlebell exercises work what muscles?

Most kettlebell exercises are full body movements. Rather than think in terms of muscles you should shift your mindset and start thinking in terms of movement patterns. It’s a game changer!

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Who uses kettlebell training?

Everyone who wants to burn fat, develop full body strength and power, improve their cardio without ‘doing cardio’, and those with little time to exercise.

I hope you have found these questions and answers helpful.

Most important is that you JUST START and listen to your body.

Take care,


10 best kettlebell workouts

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P.S. Did I not answer your question? I’m here for you, just ask your question in the comments below…


Can you train kettlebells everyday?

Kettlebell Training is intense. Most exercises use the whole body and over 600 muscles at a time. Workouts should be kept short and repeated often. So a regular schedule may include a 10 – 15 minute workout 3-5 times per week.

How often should I do kettlebell training?

Workouts should be kept short and repeated often. So a regular schedule may include a 10 – 15 minute workout 3-5 times per week.

Is 20 minutes of kettlebells enough?

Depends on your intensity, goals and your physical condition. A focused 10 minute workout is way better than a half-hearted 30 minute routine.

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    1. Kassandra Hill Avatar
      Kassandra Hill

      Hey Greg!
      I love your app and the exercises with the tutorial (if you are new and need help with proper form) super awesome!
      I’ve had a busy schedule and have taken about 2 weeks off from my kb workouts.. should I go back to beginner or is it ok to pick back up with intermediate level?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        2 weeks is not so bad, you can just ease back into it gently. SLight less reps and reduce the load for a week.

    2. Daniel S Culver JR Avatar
      Daniel S Culver JR

      Hi Greg, I’m having trouble getting in 3 workouts a week due to my work schedule. I work 12 hour shifts and can’t workout on days I work. I work two days in a row and then I’m off for two days. I know that it’s advised to not workout two days consecutively but I was wondering if I could workout two days in a row if I rest the following two days in a row. Basically I would workout on days off and rest days I work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Sure Daniel, you could do a push workout on one day and pulling on another, or Upper one day and Lower workout the other.

    3. Rich Avatar

      Thank you so much for your work Greg! Your material is very motivating 🙂 I’m working through the 10 workouts beginner‘s sheet and it’s not clear from it whether there should be breaks between the repetition cycles of subsequent exercises. E.g. should there be a small break in workout 5 between doing Goblet squat x10 / Halo x5 and the next repetition cycle?

    4. Susan Avatar

      Hi Greg,

      I’m really enjoying your 5 Beginners exercises with an 8kg and just tried adding the swing to it. Trying to get my form perfect I kind of kept going & did 5 sets of 10, and a couple of days later I’m slightly achy around my abdomen & back, is it okay to work out with the ache? It’s not pain, per se. These workouts are much more fun than regular weights, and the videos are so great at showing how to properly do them. Best thing I’ve found for a backyard workout in lockdown!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Yes Susan, providing the aches are just muscle soreness then you can continue, just ease into the workouts gradually and take care.

    5. Susan Avatar

      Hi Greg, beginners q: if kettlebell swings are a full body exercise, why are there so many different exercises? How many are needed for a complete workout?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Everyone has different goals Susan plus different movements are important to keep the body changing due to different stimulus. You may find this page interesting.

    6. Gary Avatar

      Hi Greg,
      My question concerns the Kettlebell reverse lunge. Does it really matter which side you hold the kettlebell when performing a reverse lunge? I’ve seen both although for the most part people hold the bell on the leg that is reversed and drive off the front leg. What’s the advantage muscle wise? I haven’t been able to find an explanation for which side is proper?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        The reverse lunge can be performed holding the kettlebell on either side, the one side loads the front leg a little more and the other produces more travel for the kettlebell. Personally I like to take the same leg back as is holding the kettlebell especially when combining it with a press overhead.

    7. Ivan Avatar

      Hi Greg !

      Excellent stuffs from you about kettlebell .

      I have been swinging for a while but had a few years gap. However recently have started again with 16 kg . Did 6 workouts of 1.50 min work x 10 sets ( 65 swings per set) with 40 sec rest in the between.

      Decided to go slightly with heavier and did 4 workouts with the same workout and rest time but using 20 kg.

      So far I did 5 workouts with 24 kg but obviously reduced work time ( 1.15 min) and increased rest time ( 1.05 min) x 10 set ( 43 reps per sets)

      Talking about double hand swing for all weights from above. Now, thinking to use 28 kg but not sure why should I set on my stopwatch time ?

      What do you think about my trading set up from above

      Goal is just general fitness and strength not keen to go further , can consider clean and jerk – used to do with 16 in the past for a long time . Not big fun of single swing somehow don’t enjoy 🙁

    8. Catriona Avatar

      Hi Greg. I am thinking of venturing into the world of Kettlebell Workouts and have been having a mooch through your very informative site. I am not sure if it has been covered already, but is there ever a need (esp for a beginner) to use 2 kettlebells of the same weight ie using two at once?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Good question Catriona, there is no need for beginners or even intermediate kettlebellers to use 2 kettlebells, your goal should be to master the Swing, Goblet Squat, Get Up, Clean and Lunges. You can start with these 5 beginners exercises and workouts. Best of luck!

      2. Frank Wooldridge Avatar
        Frank Wooldridge

        Greg, currently I am lifting weights every other day. I am trying to achieve fat burn, agility, flexibility, strength and endurance. After my workout I have been riding a spin cycle for 30 minutes to a heavy sweat.

        On my off day I swim constant for 30 minutes.

        I am thinking of working kettle bells into my workout. Do you recommend using them for either for my pre- or post-weight lifting workout. Perhaps 15-20 minutes with the bells.

        At the end of my weight/bell workout I want to spin cycle for 20 minutes.

        Your thoughts,

    9. Greyson Avatar

      Hello Greg,

      I’m in the process of rehabbing my right wrist and as of today I can do 1 set (10 lbs) of 1 handed swings. Before the injury I could easily do 3 sets (30 lbs) of 1 handed swings.

      My main goal is to work my way up to doing pull-ups but need to get a lot stronger first. What would you recommend I should do (reps and sets) before adding weight and before attempting pull ups again? I know they both use the same muscle groups.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Greyson,

        If your goal is to perform pull-ups then you should practice modified pull-ups, kettlebell swings use a very different movement pattern.

        At your gym they may have an assisted pull up machine you can stand on to build up your strength. If not you can also loop a resistance band around the pull-up bar and put one foot into the loop to assist with the pull ups.

    10. Kathy Schmeltz Avatar
      Kathy Schmeltz

      Hi Greg,
      I would really like to strengthen my pelvic floor. Can that be accomplished with kettlebells, and if so, which exercises.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Kathy, for strengthening the pelvic floor you are better off using core and breathing exercises rather than kettlebells. The best place to begin is with reverse breathing and belly breaths shown here at No. 13.

      2. Ian Small Avatar
        Ian Small

        Squeeze those glutes!

        1. Susan Avatar

          Different muscles… : )

    11. Dawna Avatar

      Hi, I just did my first kettlebell workout today. (Sadly it wasn’t ine of yours, but I plan to try yours next.) I have an 8 pound kettlebell, and though that is light, I found it to be a good workout. (I am an overweight yet fairly active 47 year old woman who has years of Zumba and yoga experience.) I worked for ten minutes, and I can tell I will experience a little DOMS.

      Anyway, here’s my question: I found it really hard to pass the kettlebell from hamd to hand because there doesn’t seem to be enough length to the handle. Should I get a new kettlebell or just do more working out until I get used to it?

      Thanks. I look forward to trying your workouts.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Good to hear you have started kettlebell training Dawna. Take a look at my video here on choosing the correct kettlebell it may help you decide whether you have a kettlebell with a very small handle spacing which ultimately will hurt your wrists when you start to “Clean” the kettlebell.

    12. Jordan Avatar

      I have problems when doing exercises to put strain on my neck i think it may be the way i am breathing can you help me on this?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Jordan, I would need to know more about which exercises you are referring to and see your movement to comment. If you are referring to the swing then it is common to overuse the shoulder and shrug rather than relaxing and using the hips. I’ve got lots more on the Kettlebell Swing here and also an article on breathing here too.

    13. Benjamin Avatar

      Hey Greg,

      first of all, like anyone here, I would like to thank you a ton for the great help and advices you’re giving us. Now I wonder, how do you manage your kettlebell workout while away on vacations? Any suggestion as a substitute ? pushups…? thanks a lot!

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Thanks Benjamin, yes I have a few workouts that you can use that require no equipment for when you are on vacation. You can see my Bodyweight Workouts here.

    14. Beth Avatar

      I am new to kettlebells (3 weeks) and am progressing slowly and I already see a great difference in my weight and my muscles and I am really enjoying it. I have teenagers, 17 year old boy and 15 year old girl, would they benefit from using the kettlebell? Neither of them get much exercise because of a heavy academic schedule. With what weight would you suggest they start?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Beth, I’m pleased to hear you are enjoying your kettlebell training. As for your teenagers, I’d recommend bodyweight exercises first and then once they are strong enough they can start with an 8kg or 12kg.

    15. Dean Avatar

      Once you pay, can you download the videos onto your computer to view, or are they just streamed online to view when your online? Are they in HD 1080p or 4K resolution? I ask as my internet is often very slow, but 4K seems to stream fine on my IPad, so I can watch the video fine in 4K if I use that- I was just wondering. Many thanks.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Dean, the videos are only available online, you can adjust the quality from 340 to 720 just like all my videos on my website. So if you can view the videos on my website OK then the ones in the Programs will be OK too!

    16. Jane Avatar

      I’ve noticed in your videos you don’t wear trainers, is it best to exercise bare foot or is that just your preference

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Jane, yes I like to train barefoot because it keeps your heels down which helps to activate the back part of the body (posterior chain) and also gives you better feedback from the ground. Another option is to wear very flat heeled shoes. It is all too common to be dominant on the front of the body so keeping your heels down helps remove this imbalance.

    17. David Como Avatar
      David Como

      I have been doing kettle bell work outs for 3 months now and just developed trigger finger in my right hand. I need to take the pressure off my grip so my tendons don’t get worse. Can you recommend a specific weight lifting grip that works with kettle bells? I am considering a Cobra grip and others like it.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi David, I’d take a break from Kettlebell training and work on some bodyweight training instead. You can work through the important movement patterns and improve your skills at lunges, pistol squats etc.

    18. Malcolm Avatar

      I just bought your work out of the day ebook

      With work out 2, do I do 15 reps of single arm DL on both sides and then move through the circuit. Or do I do the right side first circuit and then the left side second circuit and switching back and forth as I progress through the workout?

      Also can I do one workout a day every day ? Without a day off ?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Thanks for the purchase Malcolm, yes you would perform 15 reps on each side and then move onto the next exercise, keep moving through the circuit for the 12 minutes. One workout everyday is a little too much, I’d listen to your body and take a days rest when you feel you need it, probably 2-4 times per week. Enjoy the results!

    19. Jussana Weimer Avatar
      Jussana Weimer

      Hi, I’m a thin person and want to gain muscle and definition. Is this 12 Week Women’s Kettlebell program indicated? Can I just do it without having to supplement with other exercises?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Jussana, I would need to know a little more about your exercise background first before I can properly answer the question. The 12 week women’s program will build a solid full body foundation for you. Once you have a strong foundation you can then start adding heavier weights and prolonging the time your muscles are under tension which is what is required to build muscle.

        1. Jussana Weimer Avatar
          Jussana Weimer

          I already trained for 6 months with kettlebell and also do other exercises routinely, now I want to define belly, legs and glutes. Which program is indicated?

          1. Greg Brookes Avatar

            Hi Jussana, OK – in that case I would begin with the 12 Week Fat Loss Program. Enjoy the results and let me know if I can help further

    20. Bella M Avatar
      Bella M

      My trainer has suggested I swing a kettlebell right overhead and then hold it there (bottom up, obviously) before bringing it back down. I’ve tried it and I can do it (with an 8kg bell – I’d normally swing a 16kg for a regular two-handed swing). But I have been reading many scornful comments from proponents of the Russian kettlebell technique against this (apparently) American Crossfit-inspired move mostly saying that it’s not a good idea unless you have good shoulder mobility and strength (I don’t – yet). I am relatively new to kettlebell training. (About 3 months now).What do you think?

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Bella, I’d keep your swings to horizontal or chest height for now. You are right the shoulders and Thoracic spine mobility needs to be good to go overhead. Plus, there is no real benefit of going that high with the swing, keep the reps up and swing lower 🙂

        1. Bella M Avatar
          Bella M

          Thank you 🙂

    21. Naftali Avatar

      Hi, I am a male 62 years old. Are Kettlebell workouts appropriate for my age bracket? Do have certain exercises from among all of them, that are specially for older folks.

      1. Greg Brookes Avatar

        Hi Naftali, like all exercise programs progression is the key to success. It will depend on your goals as to what workouts and exercises you perform. My advice would be to start with a few bodyweight workouts and slowly add kettlebells as you develop.