How to Stretch the Hamstrings

Course Transcription: Discover How to Stretch the Hamstrings

Right, we need to stretch the hamstrings in a way that's most appropriate for kettlebell training. And with a lot of the exercises with kettlebell training, like the swing and the high bolt and the snatch, we've got this hip hinge movement going on. So the best way I've found to stretch the hamstrings, if you're doing a lot of kettlebell training, is to use the good morning exercise or a slight modification of the good morning exercise.

Now, the hamstrings are attached to the bottom of the pelvis. So if we can get that pelvis to rotate forwards, we can lengthen the hamstrings, and this also fits in with that swing technique. So we stand with the feet at the shoulder width apart, and put the weights on the heels. Now, you don't need to have straight legs, but they should just have a slight kink in the knee or have a soft knee. You can go straight if you want, but I recommend just a soft knee. Now next, we want to push the hips backwards, okay? And if you can, try and turn the pelvis up, so you're trying to lift your tail up, or push your bum cheeks up towards the sky. From here, keep the small of the back nice and flat, hands just sort of hanging down and relaxed.

Now, you're going to take three nice, deep breaths. So in through the nose, out through the mouth. Take three nice, deep breaths. Then on the fourth breath, you're just going to let your body slowly fall towards the floor. Fingertips are going to fall towards the floor. Eyes are going to be looking down in front of you. And as you breathe out, you're going to sink down towards the floor with your weight on your heels. Now, once you breathe in, you're just going to release that stretch slightly. So just take that tension off your hamstrings as you breathe in. And then, as you breathe out, you're going to drop further into that stretch. Breathe in, come out of it, breathe out.

Now, the objective is not to round the back and just touch the floor. The objective is to keep that flat of that back nice... Sorry, keep the small of the back nice and flat, and just keep pushing those hips back, weight on the heels, feel it in those hamstrings. Straighten the legs, you'll feel it a little bit more. Soften the knees, you'll feel it slightly less.

So just keep working with your breathing. Every time you breathe out, just sink a little bit deeper. Every time you breathe in, just take the stretch off. Stretch is all about relaxing, so relax the body, relax the mind, and just let your body naturally take you deeper into the stretch. And I'd recommend you do 10 deep breaths falling deeper and deeper towards the floor.

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