Loose Hips = Less Lower Back Issues and Reduced Knee Problems

Course Transcription: Loosen Up Those Hips

Okay, let's look at hip mobility. So for the hips, just like the shoulders, we've got two areas that we need to work on. We need to work on the upper and on the lower. So for the upper, we need to think about rotation. We need to think about left to right, and also forwards and backwards.

So rotation, basically, is just hands on hips, goin' all the way round, make sure you don't miss out part of the circle which is very common in a lot of people. So you wanna go around all parts of that circle, pushing as much as you can to make sure you're really opening up those hips. You can go in both directions as well. You could also work on a figure of eight so it goes to center, back, round to the side, it's the center, back, side, center, back. Just practice figure of eight and your regular circles in both directions. So that's the circular part.

Next, we've got side to side. That's pretty simple. Push the hips out and switch. Make sure you keep the chest up and body upright for this. You don't want to be falling forwards. So just side to side.

And then, finally, for forwards and backwards, with soft knees, keeping the lower back nice and flat, just lean forwards, push those hips backwards. And then we push the hips forwards and squeeze the buttocks really tight, it helps protect the lower back. So just go forwards and backwards. Squeeze, back on the heels, squeeze, back on the heels.

So we've got circles, side to side, and forwards and backwards. That's the upper part of the hips.

Now for the lower part where the legs actually attach into the pelvis, we need to just swing the legs. So the first one we can do is, for the circles, just standing on one leg, nice circle. Do both directions. You could also do figure of eights. You'll find this works into the hip of the other leg as well. So you're mobilizing the right leg here and then strengthening the left leg. So we often use this in rehabilitation sometimes. You do that on both sides. That's your circle, and also your figure of eight.

Then for your forwards and backwards, we're just gonna swing the leg. Make sure you take the leg all the way backwards and don't let that movement come from your lower back. So often, when I rehabilitate people with bad lower back problems and after surgery, this movement's really, really limited. So I have to really work on increasing this movement backwards whilst keeping that lower back nice and still. By contracting your core muscles, that will help limit that movement going backwards.

And then finally, we need to just go side to side, just take the leg across the body. Try and lead with the heel for this. Don't turn the foot across. So lead with the heel. I counterbalance with my hands. With all these exercises you can hold on when you're standing on one leg to make it a bit easier for you. So side to side, and of course you'd repeat that on the other side as well.So nice and easy. We work the upper part first and we work the lower part second. Give those a go and I hope you enjoy them.

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