Joint Mobility Exercises

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The ability to move each of your joints through their maximum range is very important to preserve your youth, avoid injury and improve your posture. Working on your joint mobility should always be your main priority. Mobility acts as the perfect warm up before starting your workout. Begin at the top and work your way down, pay particular attention to areas that feel tight or lack movement.

Neck mobility

Neck Mobility

VIDEO 1:                 

Open up the neck and focus in on the cervical spine. 

Thoracic Mobility

Upper Back Mobility

VIDEO 3:                

The upper back or thoracic spine is tight in most modern day desk workers. I bet you're tight here too!

Knee Mobility

Knee Mobility

VIDEO 5:                 

A simple hinge joint often affected by the ankles and hips. Here's how to warm up the knees.

Elbow Mobility

Elbow Mobility

VIDEO 7:                 

A simple joint but important to warm up before exercises like the clean or snatch.

Shoulder Mobility

Shoulder Mobility

VIDEO 2:                

The shoulder and neck are connected so tight shoulders can affect the neck too. 

Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility

VIDEO 4:                

Tight hips can cause lower back issues  and knee problems. Loosen up those hips!

Mobility for Ankles

Ankle Mobility

VIDEO 6:                

Bad ankle mobility is increasingly common, especially after an injury. Good ankles equals good knees!

Wrist Mobility

Wrist Mobility

VIDEO 8:                

The wrists get a lot of daily use and also affect the forearm so don't neglect this joint.

Watch my full body mobility routine here... follow along!

Join me as I take you through a complete joint mobility routine. If you suffer from tight and restricted joints then  this routine will certainly help!