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Kettlebell Plank Row

By Greg Brookes

The Kettlebell Plank Row is a very important kettlebell exercise because it’s one the the few movements that really targets the mid back muscles.

You will need very good core strength as well as shoulder strength to perform this exercise.

You can use a chair, box or step to perform the exercise. The lower the you go the more demanding the exercise will be on the core muscles.

A few important things to note during the exercise are:

  • Always keep your shoulders square to the floor
  • Keep your core engaged throughout
  • Do not let your hips sag and your lower back arch
  • Pull from your mid back and not from your upper back / neck
  • Avoid excessive rotation of the body at the top of the row

Take your time with this exercise and make sure you get your technique right. You may need to reduce your regular kettlebell weight in order to perform the movement perfectly.

As a precursor to this exercise ensure that you can hold a good push up position for at least 30 seconds, preferably 1 minute.


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