Kettlebell Swing Tutorials

Get Started the Right Away

The Two Handed Swing is a complex movement that can take a lot of practice to get right. In my experience mastering the Hip Hinge first is crucial for a safe and effective Swing. Work your way through the 4 videos below and I'm sure you will be swinging well in no time...

Do you get back pain when you forward or backward bend? If so the Kettlebell Swing is not for you. Go here instead

Step 1: Hip Hinge

The Kettlebell Swing is based on the hip hinge movement. Master this and everything else becomes simple.

Step 2: Wall Touch

A really effective movement drill to make sure your hip hinge movement is performed correctly.

Step 3: Single Handed Deadlift

Using a good hip hinge movement you can prepare for the Swing with this very effective exercise.

Step 4: Two Handed Swing

The two handed swing using a good hip hinge and the correct technique.