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Kettlebell Walking Lunge Overhead

By Greg Brookes

The Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge takes the regular overhead lunge and adds a further dimension.

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As with any Kettlebell Overhead exercise the wrist needs to be kept straight and the grip tight in order to maintain good shoulder stability.

Ensure that the arm is kept locked out in order to take extra strain away from the arm muscles. If you cannot lock out the arm fully then you will need to focus on some shoulder, arm and thoracic mobility and some soft tissue work too.

Walking forwards will increase the demands placed on the shoulder stability and core muscles too.

I would recommend that you master the Turkish Get Up and the Windmill before attempting this exercise. You will also need to master the regular lunge too!

A great exercise workout drill is to walk 20 steps forwards, change hands and then walk 20 steps back.

You can also make this exercise even harder by performing the Walking Overhead Reverse Lunge instead.

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