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Kettlebell workout programs for beginners (level 1) to advanced (level 3)

Latest programs for December 2020


The perfect start for beginners

Begin your kettlebell journey and see your strength, condition and body change.

  • Learn the basics and build an injury-proof foundation
    Work 600 muscles in only 4-minutes
    Progress in a safe and logical way that maximises results

More experienced women

Shape your backside, reduce your midsection, slim down your arms and improve your cardio.

    Build a solid foundation with the swing and core exercises
    Tighten your backside and legs and start fat burning
  • Increase your cardio and condition your waist and arms

More experienced men

Sculpt your arms, reduce your midsection, add muscle to your chest, shoulders and back and improve your cardio.

  • Builds a solid foundation using circuits and then intervals for your cardio
    Adds solid muscle using prolonged time-under-tension techniques
    Skyrockets your strength using sneaky ladder training and challenges

Fundamental core conditioning

Prevent back pain, improve performance, shape your midsection and improve your posture.

  • No back-breaking crunches or sit-ups
  • Develop both your inner and outer core muscles
  • 37 progressive workouts in just 4-minutes 

Kettlebell circuit training 

Discover full body conditioning in just 4-minutes, flowing from one exercise to the next.

    Use over 600 muscles during every workout 
    Each workout progresses as your condition improves
    Challenge your cardio without hardly moving your feet

Full Body Transformation Program 

Discover once and for all how to exercise, eat, and drink to achieve fat loss that is truly life changing.

    Skyrocket your metabolism and burn more fat 
    Strengthen and condition your body from head to toe
    Use circuits, tabata, flows and more to continuously make progress

Add Muscle Using Kettlebells 

A unique program that shows you step-by-step how to add muscle using just kettlebell training.

    Discover the big full body exercises that add muscle fast 
    Effective workouts you will complete in under 45 minutes
    Add muscle to your back, chest, arms, shoulders, core, buttocks and legs
kettlebell muscle building program

Personal trainers and instructors

Design more effective programs that get your clients results quickly and safely no matter what their starting point.

  • All the tools you need to assess your clients
  • Workout templates for scientific programming
  • Shortcuts to maximise time and results

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