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Equipment I Recommend

I don't believe you need anything more than your own bodyweight and a kettlebell to change the way you look and feel but if you can afford it here are few other items I believe can help.

Buying Kettlebells

There are lots of choices when it comes to purchasing kettlebells. Some are good and some are quite frankly terrible. Handle spacing and the finish of the kettlebell are very important to prevent you from damaging your arms and wrists.

I recommend and use these kettlebells....

15lb / 8kg Kettlebell

Most women will start with this weight and quickly progress to the 25lb / 12kg.

Very useful for practicing the Turkish Get Up but ladies will soon outgrow this weight for the swing. 

25lb / 12kg Kettlebell

Great start for unconditioned men and stronger women.

Many women will use this kettlebell for the two handed swing, and for men it is great for practicing the Turkish Get Up.

35lb / 16kg Kettlebell

Starter weight for athletic men and also used by experienced women.

For an athletic man the 16kg will be a great kettlebell for most exercises. However, for 2 handed Swings it may become too light. 

50lb / 24kg Kettlebell

For experienced Kettlebell lifters and the standard competition weight.

I love using this kettlebell and even if you usually use a 16kg kettlebell this is a great addition for swings and squats. 

Here's How To Choose The Correct Kettlebell...

Other Equipment I Use 

Interval Timers (Gymboss)

Using a timer is very motivational as well as keeping you honest during your workouts. You can set your timer to beep for work intervals and beep for rest intervals.

I use a Gymboss Interval Timer daily and can’t recommend them highly enough. 

Resistance Bands

 Resistance bands are portable, very effective and fun to use.

I use resistance bands most days with my clients, they are particularly good for working the back of the body. 

Exercises like rows and rotator cuff movements are especially excellent with a band. I use the Orange, Red and Yellow ones the most.

Body Blade CXT

 The body blade is my favourite tool for shoulder rehabilitation.

As you work the body blade it produces an oscillation effect in the joint that helps condition and nourish the joint. 

Excellent for working the stabilising muscles of the shoulder, the rhomboids and the lower traps. Great for preventing future injuries too.

Foam Roller 4"

Everyone should be using a foam roller to improve the condition of their muscle and soft tissue.

Use the foam roller as part of your warm up before your workout or on your off days to remove tension and adhesions.

I don't like the ones with lumps and bumps, they are too aggressive and don't roll smoothly. Choose one with dense foam that is wider than your body.  4" diameter rollers are the best size for opening up the facets of the spine.

Airex Balance Pad

Not only do I sit on my balance pad but I also use it for single leg balance work and as a base for planks for instability.

The instability that this pad generates makes your stabilising muscles work much harder.

Great for improving core strength as well as protecting the body against future injuries. Also great for protecting knees during half kneeling exercises.


If you struggle with wrist problems when doing push ups or would like to improve on your gymnastics skills then these are excellent.

You can purchase all sizes of these mini parallel bars but I really like the portability of these ones especially as a Personal Trainer.

Great for Push Ups progressions, handstands and working on your L-Sits for your core strength. 

Merrell Barefoot Training Shoe

Keeping your heel low and close to the floor is important for kettlebell training as it helps better activate the back of the body, posterior chain.

You have probably seen me wearing these training shoes in many of my videos. I love them and so do many of my training friends.

Check them out, you won't be disappointed.

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