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Stretching is very personal. Like a finely tuned instrument you only need to adjust the correct strings for the perfect tune. Take notice of what feels tight and work on those areas, stretching already long soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia) will only further worsen a bad posture. Devote stretching to a time in the day when you are totally relaxed. Stretching after a workout will have little impact because your nervous system is too fired up or sympathetic.

Nck Stretch
Neck / Upper Back

VIDEO 1:                 

Often tight if you have overactive trapezius or work at a desk.

Forearm Stretch

VIDEO 3:                

Lots of hard gripping based activities can lead to tight forearms,

Glutes or Buttocks Stretch

VIDEO 5:                 

Tight buttocks can lead to many issues including sciatica.

Hamstring Stretch

VIDEO 7:                 

Limited hamstrings will affect the pelvis. Check tight quads too!

Lats or Triecp Stretch
Lats / Triceps

VIDEO 2:                

The Lats are big muscles and can have a large impact if overly tight.

Chest Stretch

VIDEO 4:                

Tight chests and weak backs are very common. 

Hip Flexors Stretch
Hip Flexors

VIDEO 6:                

Very common tight area as they are used to compensate for weak abs!

Quads or Thigh Stretch

VIDEO 8:                

Often overused instead of the buttocks.